Hahaha, day06/day 07

I think I'm making a habit out of updating every 2nd day instead of every day as intended. Oh well, at least it's some kind of regularity?

DAY 06: Favourite superhero and why
It must be Batman :) Although some say he is not technically a superhero since he doesn't have any extraordinary 'powers' and relies on all his gadgets to do everything, it takes a real genius to invent all that stuff and be able to use it :P superhuman intelligence and strength is a superpower I guess. I really like his story as well. But yeah, there are a lot of superheroes I like @_@ Others would be Iron Man (cuz he's such an asshole when not saving the world), Angel (He has wings :O), Shadowcat (idk I just found her short lived romance in xmen evolutions with avalanche cute haha..) & THE POWERPUFF GIRLS :D because bleedman made them awesome.

DAY 07: A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
Where would we all be without our brains? :) they are the things that govern our very being and personalities, how we perceive and respond to things... although there has been some evidence that memories are also stored in the heart & there is controversy over the existence of the human soul, I think it's safe to say that our brains are pretty significant to all of us haha. Also YJ tried to suck up my brainjuice yesterday ):

Hmm, apart from that, my week of art is finally over! I can finally start studying, although it's really daunting to think that exams are so close and I have SATs in 2 weeks... AAAA... and my calculator is running low on batteries again and chen still has my batteries.... must get new batteries...

It's good that the weather is getting better, I think the storm has pretty much blown over, today was really warm :) Great start to daylight savings~~

& I really like linkin park's new song 'waiting for the end'... but not 'the catalyst'. I kinda miss the old LP but some of their new songs are still really good.

Yeah I guess that's all for now. I want to hang out with friends more often since it's the holidays and all but yeah, gotta study... and it's weird because some people still haven't seen me and don't recognise me still hahahaha. It's kinda awkward at times x_x


YJ said...

brainnnn juiiiceeee

helen said...

aww you should get a solar powered calculator =) I've had mine for about 7-8 years and it still works fine.

winnie said...

^I need a graphics calculator for exams haha, I don't think they make them in solar powered ): It would be so nice if they did tho XD