so how's me?

Well last night I had a shitty sleep cuz I couldn't breathe out of my nostrils and my pillow was at an awkward height due to my swollen neck (1 pillow was too low, but 2 was too high...), and on top of that my natural sleeping position is facing the right, which happens to be on the pelvic bone graft site, so that wasn't exactly comfortable either. Somehow survived 9 hours of that and woke up this morning at 7am. @_@

Anyway today was alright, I refused to sleep/nap today cuz I'm tired of sleeping (yes, oxymoron), and I figured I might as well do something more productive than lying around. Stopped taking panadol and antiflammatory medicine because it tasted crap and I didn't like the numb feeling, but I'll keep taking the antibiotics cuz they taste alright... drank a bottle of tea, orange juice, 3 protein chocolate milk shakes. had 3/4 of minced chicken/mashed potato for lunch and a small bowl of ice cream. Didn't have much breakfast, cuz I was in a bad mood from sleeping weird.

Mum took me out on a drive to do her errands and we just drove around one tree hill and down to south auckland and we stopped by manukau airport to watch the planes land and take off. Except we only really got to see one take off :/ but yeah, it was pretty cool I guess. And my face still feels sooo weird. I feel like it's SO huge and ugly ): and the bruising's starting to come up as well, and it's all gross. It was worse this morning but since I took a shower after lunch my hair is cleaner now so I don't feel like a disgusting mess.

This afternoon... didn't really do much. patched my maplestory, found out I couldn't open it, played some ds, got bored, so watched starcraft 2 replays on youtube like the whole afternoon. Yeah they're pretty entertaining. Either that or I'm just really nerdy and bored. Actually the former is probably an effect of the latter. Ignore me.

Yeah just a pretty general update about my day. not much happened as you can -probably- tell. can't wait to get back to my life and screwing it up some more eh =P


Billy said...

what's with the pessimism? look on the bright side, you are on a mean break =].
i'm sure you that bad.
it will be all good in a weeks time.

YJ said...


dw wibbles, the swelling and bruising is only temporary :D
just think of how you won't have a lisp now haha and will cant mock you any more

yeah billy is right, you're sooo lucky to have a such a mean break, but then the downside of that is that you have a lot of work to catch up on I guess |:

once again, hope you feel better today, even if its only slightly
(however I think its probably gonna get worse before it gets better, at some point, lol)
and maybe you should reconsider the antiflammatory medicine o.o

much love --

s2 said...

Aww feel better and happier!!
Im probs gna come over tomorrow??
Just got back from Friday 13th and I'm so tired... i honestly think orphan screwed me up worse hahaa
I probs won't bring hot chocolate though because I can't decide which one to get you. I can spend over an hour in the supermarket and end up just buying gum and a bar of chooclate hahahaa supermarket is fun. you should go to the supermarket and browse aisles. wow i sound really lame. but tis very entertaining. you can read the back of boxes and stuff =]
i forgot what i was talking abotu before.
this is what hapens when u dont sleep properly
wow yj. how comforting. Let us hope recovery is like an exponential curve rather than cubic graph right?