general update

general update...

I spilt my milk on the carpet today cuz my brother jumped out at me from behind the door while I was carrying it. so annoying. especially since he doesn't even say sorry all he says is 'it's your fault!!!' of course it's never his fault. he always finds some way or another to blame someone else for things he did. even when he doesn't do his homework, he blames it on me saying that i didn't stop him from watching tv. wtf? geez. one day he'll understand and i won't have to deal with this.

armageddon was quite fun, although i didn't say for very long. spent less than last year, bought 4 more markers, a haruhi figure (less than half price $15 - $6 i only bought it cuz it was cheap lolol), 3 mangas (slam dunk vol1, eureka seven vol1 and the complete samurai champloo) and a $10 bleach wallscroll for dirt cheap imported from asia (crap quality, you can see fingerprints probably from some poor sweatshop worker on it but oh well it's a nice wallscroll) and a $10 death note poster for lex.

yesterday mufti day was interesting as well... camera hoar jimin rofl
can you see it? the M O L L Y <3 lol. and of course it's steph behind the camera.

hm exams soon. should really get to work sometime soon.... need to do french speech by tomorrow and theory uggghhhhhhh. why couldn't i have been educated in china and come to nz when im like 16 and be all smart and engrish like.

not in the mood for a big philosophical talk atm.

ok that's all cya. dunno if i'll update before exams again.


Bernie said...

The Matrix!

The movie?
My class is studying it.
We're examined on it!


=] Lub teh Mollie!!!