china china china

hm well I'm in china now (obviously). rather than bore you with recollections of the past 2 weeks I'll just write whats on my mind.

I had a surprisingly good day today. I was expecting to be bored all day cuz we were going to visit my great aunt and my parents' university where I was born and grew up for 3 years. But, it turned out to be a worthwhile visit cuz it's quite interesting to see and hear all the weird stuff you did when you were little. I took a few photos in the exact same places where I took photos 12 years ago, and I saw the place where I learnt to walk haha. Man I was such a cute kid, wtf happened in these 12 years @_@

Afterwards, we went to my mum's friend's place and basically I got lectured on how her daughter (who's like 2 years older than me) just sat her SATs and is studying upstairs, so hardworking etcetc and talented cuz she's got grade 8 piano already (PRO.) so I decided that I'll have to try my hardest as well. (: she seems to have everything organised and knows exactly what she wants to do and where she wants to go for uni (even had arguments with her mum about which state has the best universities in america).

We had dinner in a restaurant across the road. I was mindlessly drawing since my brother used all the battery in my ds. One of the waiters saw me and was all like 'hey your art is pretty good...' I was actually really touched cuz he told me how he used to be really into art as well but he was always too messy so he used pencil and eraser instead of straight on pen (which is what I was doing, because I like the feel of pen rofl). My mum showed him a picture of yujie's cat which she took with her phone camera and he was impressed, started going on about my future hahaha and how I should eat at the restaurant again so that they can be famous and say 'we served this famous person here' when I'm famous. Thinking about that future made me think about what I really want to do with my life. I started wondering why he became a waiter if he liked drawing so much...

anyway, I still haven't thought it through completely yet, but hopefully I can continue to use my ugly, hairy and stubby-pinkied hands to create more and more beautiful things (:


steph said...

Lol I was a cute kid when I was little. Ah how things have changed xD Compliments from a random stranger? Winnae you got skillz yeah. Vomitting artistic talent from your toes I tell you, your toes :D

Have fun in Chinurrr.