Yesterday was a beautiful day. I hope everyone had a good Christmas :] The beach was gorgeous, and the sand was uh. scorchingly memorable. =P like you could seriously see the heatwaves... i still have a gradient tan on my legs tho ): As you can see, we built an awesome couch out of sand and made our names with shells on the back like asians hahaha

On Christmas eve, I was supposed to go to sleep at 10.30 cuz I was gonna wake up at 6.30 the next morning, but ended up getting into a philosophical debate with karl so didn't get into bed til like 11.30. Then, as I was drifting off to sleep at last, it turned to midnight and I got MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! txts DDDD: so I was pretty tireddd... but last night was meannnn :] lucy came back!!! and I played guitar hero for the first time in my life. Easy mode is too easy, medium mode is too hard >>; figures. And we played snap, for the first time in my life i didn't end up losing, althought I do have a bruise on my hand haha. Loser of each round has to drink from a mix of juice and vinegar. makes your stomach hurt man... and then played singstar and hsm singalong haahaha got owned by chen for high school musical. too pro >>;

today? not so much... I woke up at 6.30 out of habit or something from yesterday. totally owned the whole day, had to clean windows for half the day and then go out to north shore where we tried to look for boxing day deals but there wasn't really anything that was worth it and that we actually needed =/ went to dinner with family friends and the adults as usual talked for ages so I was sitting there silently sigh. Their son is like 3 years older than me, 2nd year uni. We kinda used to be friends when we were all young and juvenile like 5 and 8 etc, but now looks like the maturity gap is too big haha =P

well, this has still been one of the best christmases I've ever had though. :] hope everyone's holidays are going good and everyone had an enjoyable noel!

roll on new years...


steph said...

Beacchhh. Sunshiiineee.

YJ said...

best Christmas ever :D