one of the most unproductive days ever

really need to fix up the eyes and eyebrows lol =.= but yes, I got so bored today that I just decided to start my painting. The above is like 4 hours of work hahaha D: The background just fades into itself, I need to make the plants darker I think. hows everyone else doing? still haven't started on uniform or shells.

silver frames. :D

As expected of my grandma, 2 days after arriving back in auckland our stove's tinfoil has been replaced and it is now sparkling clean with no grease anywhere, and the gunk around the sink which I took liek 1 hour to attempt to clean and only got rid of 25% of is ALL GONE. she's like the cleaning fairy, makes things disappear =/ just, sometimes it's useful stuff that she makes disappear...

also did I mention we got a wii? o well we did lol, my brother's been on it like the whole of today. played with him for an hour or so and wasted him at everything except bowling cuz I got bored after 9-hole game of golf (which I won by about 30 strokes, btw =P)

I got pokemon platinum, I think I'll actually play it a bit to finish it cuz it seems different enough from diamond to warrant a replay.

but yes, nothing much happened today otherwise. UGH, I really hope I end up doing everything I'm supposed to these holidays T_T

Anyway since I'm blogging and I'm curious, what kind of things just bother you? Like, you can't stand it even though it's not that big of a deal?

Hm, for me... I guess you all know about my obsession with putting waste paper in the recycle bin. I actually think this is a really big deal cuz of environment issues but since everyone else thinks its insignificant... meh. Especially how there's no paper recycling bin in the art room. seriously, WTF?! its like THE PLACE people waste paper ==; it pains me whenever I have to throw away paper in there, because it is usually a lot and there is no other option D:

when I have a pimple. I can't just leave it. I feel this NEED to pop it lol >> it's a bad thing.

when I see a smudge of dirt on the paper when I'm drawing cuz of putting my hand there, I have to rub it off. Every 63 times there's a smudge there.

when people say sorry too much, like bernie, or like when harold's playing badminton, it's like I miss and HE says sorry. wha?

how william looks more like a girl than I do.
JK we all know I'm prettier despite what he says. (:

when I'm thirsty.. and there's no water nearby... so I have to move to get some.

knowing I should be doing something but not feeling like it even if I have to the time to hahaha. coughej'sviolinsketch

having lots of wires on my desk. it just makes me uncomfortable =/ but it's what my desk looks like 90% of the time...

WHEN MY GUITAR IS DUSTY. I feel the need to dust it, even if I don't even play it after. XD

so what are some things that bother you? xP its ridiculous but it's funny when you think about it cuz you realise how tiny these things are...


Anonymous said...

winnie you is exciting
rodger wants a wii
i thought we were gonna get one but then dad was like wii or *insert other option* and rodger was like OTHER OPTION

steph said...


HTF DO I DO MY PAINTING? D: Goddamnit. Background first? Skin first? Hair first? What colours do I paint the leavesss? OMG epic fail >.<

Steph said...

Also. Your silver frames are quite nice and your fringe has gotten quite long and straight-fringe-y.

A random afterthought indeed.

winnie said...

my fringe looks straight because I cut it straight lol... it's reall long tho D:

one_entity said...

did u get new glasses?
at least your boredom is forcing you into being mildly productive

winnie said...

lol nope these are my other pair i got in china

Anonymous said...


-relating to robotic female voice-
*in shops*


I was cracking up

I got glasses too! :D