staying up til 3am to read liar game of all mangas gives me EPIC dreams.

I can't even remember most of it anymore, but from what I can remember...

after my brother got a haircut in the bathroom, my dad took me in also and I thought he was gonna give me a haircut too but he just left, and there were like 2 pieces of human meat or skin or something hanging in our bathroom attached to the wall by wire, and the bigger one fell off. It was in the shape of a huge kumara and for some reason I knew it had multiple sclerosis, which now that I look up is an autoimmune disease and has nothing to do with skin, but okay, it was gross cuz I was trying to hang it back up and it kept falling on me >>

so yeah after that it somehow turned into a battle between silas from the davinci code and me as edward cullen (seriously, WUT) and something like, "A TRUE MAN IS ONE WHO WITHSTANDS ALL PAIN AND HOLDS NO EMOTION" and with that silas sets the bathroom on fire, and I 'm standing at the end of the sink going WTF just happened, but theres this little girl in the room as well so I battle thru the flames to get her out, but then I feel remorse for silas and want to save him as well, so I run in again, but he's nowhere in sight so I'm like QUICK CLIMB OUT, FOLLOW MY VOICE or something like that, but as I exit the bathroom I realise that I've been backstabbed cuz I hear the fire dept arrive and they're like "the albino's body is nowhere to be seen" and as I turn around I get blasted in the face by this random lady with her deoderant multiple times so I choke and can't breathe, and at that moment the fire dept burst through with FLAMETHROWERS (whaaaat) and since deoderant is flammable it explodes and I'm thinking 'o shit'

This then turns into a full on chase to find silas, who has now turned into some kind of high school boy called xinan, so we're running around, and we see some guy's car in the asian food court place in newmarket who I know is steven zhou's (watching too many dramas), so I knock on the window and ask him if he knows where xinan is, he says 'why yes of course' and opens the trunk, where xinan is gagged and roped. me and the girl I'm with (not sure who, I think it's lucy) are like OMG so I distract him while she unties him, and then we find out we're backstabbed again cuz they use this opportunity to stuff us in the car while xinan gets away.

funnily enough though, after a few turns I recognise the place and decide 'right, I'm getting off now' so I just open the door and get off. =/ the car drives off and me and lucy are like yaaay. I notice that all we have to do to get back to school is go up this slope and turn right, and sure enough there are random school kids around and teachers, so we jog up the hill (:

Somehow this transitions into an tour outing thingie at some beach somewhere, it looked distinctly like piha except the sand was normal coloured and the rock/hill thing was much taller. so anyway yeah most families got off to play around but I hate beaches so I stay on the bus. The bus is epic, it transforms so that you manage to stay on it and it acts as a little bench/island thing with no roof and windows as if you're just sitting on a platform above the beach, and I got so bored apparently that I cut my drink bottle in two, took the top half, dipped it into one of those random little water stream rock pool things, put the water in my mouth, swill it around, spit it out, repeat x100 o_o I have no idea why either. BUT THEN!!! out of nowhere, on the huge hill/rock thing that nobody can climb.... I SEE A HUGE BEAR WITH FAIRY WINGS ON THE TOP.
except it looked much better. I was like WOAHHH thats so awesome. It came down and gave us photos, I wasn't sure if it was really a bear or just a human in a bear suit, but it would have had to have been some huge human cuz this bear was like 3m tall and extremely fat.

so I get off the bus and start taking photos for other people with the bear etc. I see william's dad sitting on a bench o_o I ignore him and continue to move around taking photos, it is here that I realise that for some reason I am wearing my school cardigan over my hoodie... what...

YES. I think that was the most epic entry ever. =P


Anonymous said...

how can you remember it in so much detail... haha

winnie said...

I just woke up when I updated hahaha

steph said...

That is ROFL on a stick.

no regrets said...

.... you hate beaches?