purely procrastinative

Oui oui Monsieur Sam est vraiment amuse. Il a un petit moustache frisé. C'est tres mignon, non? Je m'etonne si je peux écrire un entrée de blog en francais entièrement? Excusé-moi si je ne écris pas les accents parce que je suis paresseuse. Aussi je sais que mon francais est tres crap et ce entrée ne vais pas avoir du sens. Je m'entonne si quelqu'un vais pouvoir comprendre cette paragraphe? Je écris le franglais @___@ aaaaa je suis nulle.

Le photo au-dessus est Sam, dans le cours de francais avec son petit moustache. Sam est tres marrante. (Est-ce que vous comprenez mon francais est crap? Il ressemble le francais de un petit bébé T__T) Et il est tres dur pour moi parce que cette année je pense que le francais est plus difficile que l'année derniere~ Mademoiselle Wilson nous donne un tas de travail... Elle va tres tres vite... Nous ne finissons pas le travail et elle nous dit d'arrêter ><

Mais je pense que si je utilise le francais dans ma vie en dehors de l'école je vais améliorer beaucoup... alors, voila, mon crappy franglais =P

Mon francais est en réalité tres élémentaire... je suis triste parce que mon francais est sucky ):

Qui peut parler bonne francais? Enseigne-moi!! D: Je ne veux pas raté francais cette annéeeeeee~~~ je veux obtenir les excellences~~~ beaucoup and beaucoup des excellences... D:

为什么法文要这么难~~ 中文也是一样! 打字还要打半天还打出一些短短的句子。。。 真想放心,但是我也知道这些都是很重要的life skills. 因为我本身是个中国人!上个星期六和日我去了mediation camp... 所以没有去中文班。 大家的中文都好像比我好。。。 而且,因为他们在家里都是对爸爸妈妈说话都用普通话,和我在家里对爸爸妈妈说广东话,他们的中文幻景比我的好。 不过我觉得会说两种中文都不算是不好的事。 很多朋友都对我说过,他们想学说广东话,不过广东话比普通话难学些。



can you tell that I'm just trying to waste time here? no I really don't want to do homeworkkkk aaaaaa T___T

i'm going to be super duper stressed out this week, I can just FEEL it. ughhhh. well i can already feel it, but looking ahead...
aa, doesn't look like a good week.

well mediation camp was fun, we stayed up til around 3am talking about nothing in particular, mainly noella repeating the same topics over and over again cuz she was bored and didn't want to sleep XD had a stress breakdown last night for no particular reason though, probably because of parents giving me all this random work to do when I could see they were just bumming around and my brother being reallll annoying, coupled with very little work the night before, anyone I talked to will tell you hahaha =/ I actually cried last night as I was trying to get to sleep. I felt way better in the morning though. sigh T_T


in my recent thinking sessions I realised that the huge fight im having between ib and ncea and behind that what I want to do in the future is completely up to me to make a decision. It's got nothing to do with anyone else, I can ask the careers lady for info about careers but ultimately its completely up to me. If i excel it's my credit, if I fail it's my fault. I don't know what I want, and I don't know what's best for me. It would be so much better if someone would just tell me what I would be better at and what would make me happier, but the only someone who can tell me that is myself in the end. I realised this and I felt that I had a huge responsibility in my hands, like what if I screwed it up.. there's no going back, this isn't a video game where you restart from save point... I got a txt today, "nobody cares about your grades in y11..." but I do. I really do @_@ I don't know if that's just be overreacting or being ambitious and having no life in general but that just seems to be the way I am. I am an overachiever. The goals I set myself rarely come though, but in the end I am mostly happy with what I have done since I know there's no other way it could go after I do it. But the problem here is that I have the responsibility and therefore the risk of making a decision that is going to change me in the future, and 2 completely different ways I could go... I can prevent a catastrophe before it happens, if it happens. I have the power to affect what is going to happen. This power is something I don't feel like I can handle right now...

Maybe the secret is to be happy wherever life leads you. Through the good times and bad, and just appreciate the present and that you are alive at this split second... I think that's important. Next thing you know, you might not be around, and you won't have the power to appreciate anything, so it's good to abuse this power while it lasts.


Steph said...

Its quite astounding how much of that I could understand, that French there. Some of the verbs were a little over my head thanks to my lack of language last year and this year lol.

...and I will completely ignore the Chinese :D

You and your philosophicalness. I SEND YOU DO-YOUR-WORK-REALLY-AWESOMELY VIBES.

Captain Barnaby said...

Wah. You're so deeep. My blogs mean nothing.

Wow. What proness.

Frenchnese. =]

no regrets said...

You can always talk to me if you need to talk to someone (:
I swear I'm not all retarded and hyperactive when talking about important emotional deep stuff

on another note


Anonymous said...

i just completely skipped the first bit l0lz
happy gum vibes?
that was really intense...
so like yeah...
its ok winnie like im freaking out about what to do either but you are probably more intense than laina...
dammit. debating. FLAG.

Funky Phasers said...

duuuude you are good at French. !!!

STOP WORRYING OKAY you are not going to be a hobo on the street. And I don't think the world will explode depending on what you choose. I dunno think about it not as which one is better or more important but which one suits you more, like Ncea being more flexible but ib giving you variety blah blah blah
okay this was probably useless advice but HEY I TRIED