a nice day.. PARTYYYY.

today was a reallyyyy nice day. I overcame my extreme fear of deep water (with flippers, but still) and was pretty much on a high for the rest of the day... I even decided to walk alll the way home even though I could've taken the bus, because the weather was so nice. I got wasted at badminton and pulled a muscle but no matter it was fun and I was high, so I actually enjoyed it. I'm so tired now but... it's a happy kind of tired. For no reason I'm happy. Maybe it's really the small things that matter. Happiness is strange but I'm not going to complain...

I wanted to organise a fireworks thing for everyone but I found out that it's illegal to set them off anywhere when it's not guy fawkes and guy fawkes is this wednesday and next week is exams so we don't have time. ):

but Laina decided to throw a party for her birthday with alcohol. =P sleepover time... I don't even know why I'm so happy about this. usually I'd be against this type of thing but I really can't remember what it tastes like even though I know it tasted bad the last time I tasted it lolol I can't help but be curious about what it tastes like really (what kind of bad is it...) dw everyone there will be soft drinks =P i hope anyway. time to get hammered and then have hangover the next day. good thing it's a sleepover otherwise I think my parents will really kill me. right now the date is 19-20 december. we'll talk about it more as it comes I guess. AND. just to make me happy, she said that we'll have sparklers (: yaay kiddy fireworks~

uuuuuuuuuggghhhh. exams. why am I procrastinating study again. must be because it was such a good day that I didn't want to ruin it by studying.

...maybe tomorrow.

(winnae's willpower is so weak)