hooooly crap I am so bored


7 Deadly Sins Meme... stolen from yujie

Part 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.
1) I'm awesome. That's all that needs to be said.
2) Tbh after the first one I don't really know what else to put. I guess I'll be specific? Well, I guess I'm pretty unique personality-wise. But a lot of people are like that so yeah, I don't like to feel too special. People have said that I am pretty atypical tho :) I mean who else camps in front of their computer on a Sunday night and types up large blocks of texts onto a blog because they have no friends?
3) I'm also great because I'm so forgiving I suppose. Sometimes I guess that could be used against me, but I reckon that's alright. Most of the time people deserve second chances. I don't like holding grudges against people, and at least if I don't like hanging out with someone I have the common sense to, you know, not hang around them.
4) I lead a pretty balanced life. I value the work that needs to be done quite highly, but I wouldn't consider myself to be a workaholic. I often say that I would not lose sleep over anything work related, and I stand by that. Relaxing and enjoying life is very important to me. Education is important, but it's not the most important thing in life. Actually several people have noticed this about me haha, so I guess it's a good trait.
5) I'm very open minded. I'm pretty much accepting of anything out of the ordinary, and I like to think that I respect other people's opinions. Well I hope so anyway, but I'm only human.
6) I'm fucking smart. Had to be said. -arrogant sniff-
7) I have a sense of humour! Oh goshhh haha how would I survive without being able to laugh at myself? :) I stuff up way too much to not laugh at all my mistakes haha. I guess as a result of that I'm also easygoing and don't really mind when people mock me :P which they do ofc. all the time.

Part 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.
1) Some hot rich tall boyfriend.
2) Actually, just money without the boyfriend would be alright too.
3) The ability to swim
4) Passion for something
5) Willpower and motivation
6) Looks. Well tbh I don't have that many problems with the way I look but hey since you asked I might as well ask for a 10/10 worthy appearance ;)
7) Everlasting youth

Part 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.
1) Ignorance and narrowmindedness
2) Consumerism. I hate how the world is wasting its resources to maintain the constant flow of money. It makes no sense on a global scale or as a system. People are just too caught up in it already that it seems like it's too late to do anything about it though sigh.
3) Irrationality
4) Discrimination based on sex/race/religion/whatever else there is. Actually today when I was in town a white guy muttered "chang chang china" a few times as we walked past. I was so tempted to turn around, flip him off, tell my friends to hold my shit while I went and beat him up while ranting and being extremely racist towards white people. But you know, ignoring my obvious physical weakness, I'm simply too much of a lady :P Seriously though, those who know me know that I would actually have the balls to do that if I was really pissed off.
5) Parents who try to control their children's lives. I guess it's especially applicable to asian families (stereotyping, but you have to admit it's true). Imo if the kid doesn't really enjoy what he's doing he's not going to succeed anyway. Then when he's having his midlife crisis and his parents are dead he'll be wondering why the heck he listened to them and threw away his dreams of being a tattoo artist to become an accountant. True story btw, there was a news feature in the NY times about this a few weeks ago. But at least he came to his senses and went back to art school. Come on parents, it's not your life to control.
6) Actually, pressuring and nagging from parents too. I actually recently discovered that I cannot stand talking to my mum because EVERY TIME we have talked in the last month or so she has brought up the subject of exams or university entrance or other people's exam results. I say fuck that, I'm not going to discuss what I don't need to worry about yet. Actually on the subject of other people's exam results, I think my mum is more interested in my friends than I am. Seriously who gives a crap about other people's exam results lol, I have my own to be worrying about...
7) I don't really know, I'm quite tired now from all that ranting. Ummmmmm......... let's just say I split my number 1 into 2, ignorance AND narrowmindedness. kk done. "But you can't do that!! you're cheating!!" Pshhhh don't tell me how to do my own meme.

Part 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.
1) Tidy my desk. It seems with each month that goes by, the height of my mountain of papers seems to grow faster than my hair does.
2) Homework
3) Eat fruit. That's more a case of disliking them than actual laziness though.
4) Backing up my harddrive... could turn out disastrous if my computer crashes...
5) Being nice to my brother. And I don't think I'll start anytime soon either. What a bitch! yea I know.
6) L2cook. Well I will these holidays hopefully.
7) Plan ahead. But... it's so pointless and annoying =__=

Part 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.
1) Money
2) Designer shoes
3) Clothes
4) Private car + chauffeur
5) A plane. Yeah, like a private jet. With a pilot, obviously.
6) Penthouse apartment
7) Actually now that I go back and look, all the above can be solved with number 1) money. I guess that's what you get for asking for 'worldly material desires'

Part 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.
1) Maplestory
2) Gossip Girl
3) Eating a lot of ice cream and chocolate at once
4) Blogging too much
5) SC2 commentaries
6) Surfing study forums
7) Being told I'm awesome. Oh WAIT, that's just a regular pleasure. :)

Part 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.
I don't think my private life is really something to be shared over the internet lol. Well you are welcome to ask, depending on how I feel at the time I might reveal some things or nothing at all. But I'm sure no one is ballsy enough, or more importantly, BORED enough, to ask haha... Honestly though, the more of a stranger you are to me, the more likely it is that I will reveal things. I'm quite careful about discussing my love life with people who are close to me, because I know that in our world society forms a lot of judgement based on people's private lives. Personally I find it wrong, but it does happen, so yeah. Sorry :P If I told you, they wouldn't be 'secrets' now would they? :)

pot luck #3


Pot luck number 3 -- for any new readers of my blog POT LUCK is the series of random posts I do from time to time with little things that I think of that aren't big enough to warrant their own posts, + anything else random that may come up at the time.

LOOK HOW KOREAN I CAN BE! :P k I was just bored..

So today I helped this french guy find his way to this house (I think he was looking for roommates or something, not sure). It actually feels so nice when you can help someone out :) Since he was catching the same bus as me and he was looking for a house on Will's street, I figured I might as well help him out since I live like 2 streets away and he looked so clueless lol. Turns out he only just came here yesterday, aiming to spend the next year improving his english and traveling, maybe getting a job. I told him that I was going to Paris next month and he was like :O look out for the time difference... it's 4pm here when it's 4am there... fml I didn't know it was 12 hours... But yeah he was a pretty cool guy. It was only after I got home that I realised I never actually found out his name. Life's weird like that eh, it's so strange to think you meet these people randomly and never see them again.

Also today billy and I went into town, watched Due Date (pretty funny movie, by the same guy who did the hangover, Alan is in it, once again playing the serious but stupid guy. that actor is really good at that role... and Robert Downey Jr. is in it too :) So it's nice on the eyes), and played ULTIMATE jenga... also played 3d connect 4. you really have to think eh :O

you know, the more I think about it, I think I prefer life being simple. But at the same time, I appreciate the messiness in the world, the beautiful chaos. Just... not in my life. :P I find it real bothersome to plan stuff you know, it's like... just do whatever you want at the time that you want @@ and I don't understand how people create so much drama in their lives. I don't know, a lot of it just seems really petty and unnecessary. Many of the reasons I find people dislike each other are, in my opinion, really stupid and unfounded. Forgiving someone for past actions or ignoring them completely if you really can't stand them seems like a better course of action than trying to pretend to be friends with them when you actually can't stand them. Idk, like why would you bother? Simplicity and straightforwardness is the best way for me... I think for me this is one of the reasons I don't really like social etiquette either. I mean I abide by it cuz I don't wanna get beaten up, but the whole idea of it seems really unnecessary to me. Who really cares if you put your elbows on the table at dinner, or eat the last piece of food on a plate? Saying please and thank you, not chewing with your mouth open I understand, but some of the more traditional etiquette I really don't understand the use of.

Also, the other day, I got this email from myself in the past :O This is what it said:
well, some retarded thing just caused my entire email to get deleted ): but yeah, I think I'll just continue my train of thought. how did you find picking your subjects for year 13? how many new friends have you made? hmmmm for some reason I can't stop thinking about david and what he said about going to uni. they should have graduated already right? wow, how time flies... it's a melancholy thing to think about the future. the past is always bittersweet, the future unsure. I guess the best thing will always be the present, but it lasts for a millisecond and then turns into the past. it's important to cherish every millisecond before you have to look back on it bittersweetly!!! don't forget that! when you get this email, make sure to send another one to your year 13 self :] I guess year 13 will be a lot different from year 12 and year 11, especially with all the guys off to uni. I wonder what decisions you've made about will?? or has he betrayed your trust already? or maybe you're bored already? just as he said yesterday... =/

ANYWAYY i can't stay for long, I'd like to write more but since the retarded thing stuffed up the other part of my email, I can't be bothered regurgitating it so yeah. well, i hope you're happy with 2010, worked hard on calc schol and SATs... :]

I think I wrote this sometime in november last year? When shuhua had it as her msn pm. I should probably write one again to myself in the future... but I'm so lazy. It's kind of depressing to read this actually haha. It's interesting how things turned out :P If you want to do the same, the url is www.futureme.org

and for anyone who has not yet seen this, DO IT... it'll take up 35 minutes of your life but I think you'll enjoy it :)

I love wongfu productions :)

I dyed my hair?


Do you guys like it? Yes/no, suits me or not? :P


Lol no I didn't really dye it, I just photoshopped. D: but it's a nice brown, I'd like to try it :)

Off to fail my english exam since I didn't study...

new pokemon...


so I woke up at 7.30am this morning randomly after sleeping at 12.30am, because my brain is retarded like that and refuses to let me sleep the standard 8 hours. Anyway I was bored so I went on serebii to check out the new black&white pokemon... ... well tbh some of them are pretty original, but let's compare the generations shall we lol?

Let's start with the starters... (HAHA. get it? :D lame)

I didn't include the 2nd evolution because noone cares about them since you're only with them for ~16 levels anyway. Note how first gen starters all look awesome, 2nd ones are passable (I still retain my opinion that chikorita looks retarded, but totodile and cyndaquil are awesome so it makes up for fail grass starter), 3rd ones are good, 4th ... ehhh, not too much of a fan, at least the first stage is cute, and infernape looks pretty cool, but then black and white .... WTF happened there? sigh. For the first time I think I'm going to play with a grass starter. Honestly I actually like it, very elegant, but the other 2 are like.. fail. hahaha complete opposite of 2nd gen :P

Next, some obvious rip offs:

They screwed up bidoof so they needed to do it right the 2nd time. I agree, I think the new beaver pokemon is much better looking and actually looks like a pokemon now. Old v New ----> New wins. :)

Hahaha they're both random as looking, I dislike both equally. XD

that's totally a glameow lol. not sure which one I like better though haha.

= evolution of
They look the same to me. I don't understand why they didn't make it the evolution, they're both water type as well. It's as if that's what they designed it to be and forgot to put it in at the last minute or something :O But personally I prefer luvdisc. The new one is too complicated. Old vs new --> old ftw


BEARS TO POLAR BEARSSSS..... This is obviously a rip, even the positions are the same lol. Well I'm not gonna complain about more bear pokemon, but if you compare them, teddiursa + ursaring are obviously better looking. Old vs new ... old wins :)

= evolution of
Tauros evolved and grew an afro over 5 generations. Pretty much. New one was compltely unnecessary imo, tauros doesn't seem to evolve into it either so wtf is the point? Old vs new --> Old wins

2 --> 3 heads has been done before, so now they decided to do 1-2-3 :P Haha basically a dragon version of the birds. Don't have a problem with this one since they actually look alright and not retarded :) Old vs new --> different enough for it to be okay. I suppose.


Seriously? Old vs new --> Old ftw. And I thought Chansey was already screwed up looking enough as it was...

Because one fire monkey just wasn't enough D: I prefer chimchar. the new one looks too much like yunbin. LOL JK :P old vs new --> old :)


tadpole --> frog, as if we haven't seen that already D: and to make it worse they made it look retarded as. WHAT WAS WRONG WITH POLITOAD? TT Old vs new --> Old wins

= evolution of
lol jk. These mushrooms are probably genetically engineered or they mutated severely due to trainers invading their forests. Poor mushrooms ):

And lol, look at these:


Don't deny it, you thought of it too. (Lillymon, digimon)

That's also a digimon btw hahaha

It's a flying velociraptor :O

I tried to find one with green icing but you get the general idea.

Fran from final fantasy. IDENTICAL.

See background. It's totally one of the aliens from that new movie SKYLINE (which is apparently surprisingly good; after I watched the trailer I thought it would be crap but the reviews look pretty favourable)

Because sometimes just copying the digmon themselves is not enough. (Mimi Tachikawa, digimon)

The resemblance is striking... (Red mist, Kick Ass)

See Ed. Even the skintone is the same hahaha (Ed, Edd & Eddy)

Ryu Hayabusa/Ninja Gaiden. Minus the red mask :P

The purple, the mecha-ness... (Neo Genesis Evangelion)

random weightlifter. perfect match :)

That Hikkikomori girl from Sayonara, Zetsubo Sensei

.... ): hungry


You know you have a problem when your legendaries start looking like creatures from other series. (blue eyes white dragon, yugioh // metalgreymon, digimon. Actually now that I look at it red eyes black dragon would also suffice.)