day 12

DAY 12: How you found blogspot and why you made one

I probably found blogspot during like year 7 or 8 when I was trying to find a good blogging site, I seem to have joined up to all the ones I could find (seriously I have LJ, xanga, blogger & god knows what else). that's why this is under and not, cuz that's the one I actually made back then but never used and then forgot the pw too (I've actually reclaimed it now, but it just redirects here). I used LJ as primary because it had communities and more versatile design options, but then blogspot introduced HTML templates and at the end of year 9 Bernie made one, so I figured might as well shift here permanently haha.

Today I went to watch despicable me... awwwww it was sooo cute :D and funnier than I thought it would be haha.

^whole cinema cracked up at that haha :)

& I want to watch the latest episode of NZNTM online but I can't for some reason cuz it's not loading, cuz I forgot that it was on tonight =__= k i'm noob w/e... I'm seriously scared that I'm going to fail my exams. They're so soon and I did an SAT practice yesterday and EPICALLY FAILED... omg I think jaw surgery made me dumb or something. Excuses excuses... ugh gotta work harder.


Ruiji said...

Hey hey Winnie, you know the orange Herbal Essence duvet covers the girls use when sleeping? Well, I had ironed them with all my heart and soul while slave labouring. Can you feel my heart and soul pouring out of the TV every time they have a bed scene on NZ's Next Top Model?

winnie said...


hey your laundromat is pretty high profile ;)