DAY 30: Who are you?

So now we come to the end of the 30 day challenge! I can't believe I actually finished it haha. Although this was due yesterday, but I couldn't do it because I had an english exam to cram for, not that it really helped mind you. Anyway right now since I'm waiting for bejeweled blitz to load on my capped internet I figured I might as well start this and finish it sometime in the future...

Well Idk. Who am I? ...I just typed it into google and nothing interesting came up. But I did find some memes. A meme inside a meme to answer the first meme? :O SCANDALOUSSSS.

kk I'm bored. I really like memes it seems hahaahha


Full Name: Winnie Wu
Were you named after anyone? Winnie the Pooh lol no.
Do you wish on stars? ...nahhhhh I just make wishes whether there are stars or not. Maybe on a shooting star. or an airplane~~~
When did you last cry? Can't remember... ... ....... omg I can't. TT what's wrong with me
Do you like your handwriting? It's okay. I like it when it's neat and hate it when it's not haha
What is your favorite lunchmeat? mmm... salami. I don't have sandwiches much though
What is your birth date? 30 july 93
What is your most embarrassing CD? I'm not ashamed of any of my CDs =P
If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you? Yeah sure, I'm pretty awesome :)
Are you a daredevil? Nah not really. Well it depends on my mood. Sometimes I do the craziest stuff, normally when I'm bored.
Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell? Yes probably, but probably only because I forgot I swore not to tell lol.
Do looks matter? Yes
How do you release anger? Yell at people. LOL jk. Idk, listen to music, play games.
Where is your second home? GZ with my grandparents :)
What was your favorite toy as a child? Safety blankie~ I couldn't fall alseep without haha. I still have one with me when I sleep...
What class in high school do you think was totally useless? Business Studies.
Do you have a journal? Right here hahaha. and I keep a diary for more private/screwed up thoughts
Do you use sarcasm a lot? Not sure, probably just as much as any other person lol.
Favorite movies? atm... inception :)
Would you bungee jump? Yes if my friends were there haha and it wasn't like random.
Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No I'm lazy.
Do you think that you are strong? I'm buff asssss... not really. physically I am about as strong as a sponge. Emotionally I guess I am pretty strong? Not sure.
What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Cookies and cream~~
Shoe Size? Ranges from 6 to 8 lol.
What are your favorite colors? White
What is your least favorite thing about yourself? I tend to gain weight around my stomach thighs and arms. I need to exercise more. i should work harder.
Who do you miss most? my friends who i haven't seen in a while... ):
What color pants are you wearing? Black
What are you listening to right now? Beethoven's midnight sonata. I love the 3rd movement~~
Last thing you ate? Dinner. Rice haha.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? White, cuz its a cool colour. and it's invisible, and never gets used, so it lives forever :D
What is the weather like right now? Warming up, hopefully.
Last person you talked to on the phone: My mum.
The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Face.
How Are You Today? TIRED... omg english TT
Favorite Drink? L&P I guess.
Favorite Sport? badminton~~
Hair Color? Black
Eye Color? Brown
Do you wear contacts? Nope
Favorite Food? ......can't choose TT
Last Movie You Watched? In cinemas, Despicable me. Not in cinemas, Surrogates
Favorite Day Of The Year? New years :)
Scary Movies Or Happy Endings? depends on the movie
Summer Or Winter? SUMMER!!!!
Hugs OR Kisses? depends who :)
What Is Your Favorite Dessert? ice cream. yes I'm very boring.
What Book(s) Are You Reading? atm nothing.
What’s On Your Mouse Pad? It's a brand one that my dad stole from somewhere. 'vignette' lol.
What Did You Watch Last night on TV? Don’t watch TV
Favorite Smells? Starbucks :)
Rolling Stones or Beatles? mmmm... beatles.
Do you believe in Evolution or Creationism? Evolution
What’s the furthest you’ve been from home? USA. I guess... massachusetts?


steph said...

"A meme inside a meme to answer the first meme? :O SCANDALOUSSSS."

Hahahah INCEPTION REFERENCE? I need to watch that again.