So my internet capped yesterday morning, which left me with nothing to do the entire day. It takes like 3-4 minutes + to load a page, which was not very useful for me as I was trying to study for my chemistry exam and I couldnt pull up the past papers. Anyway now for some reason the comment form won't appear on anyone's blogs so I can't comment. But just so you know I've read them all. :)

DAY 28: A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

Tony + me, nov/dec 2009?

hillie + me, extrav bbq, last weekend

this weekend :)

You see, I don't have to go back very far to show how much I have changed, since I got jaw surgery 2 and a half months ago XD hahahaha I don't think I look THAT different, I guess my nose is shorter now (I can't lick it anymore) and less flat.. but more fat XD. Idk if I like it, kinda makes me feel piggish sometimes.

I also...
- stopped wearing my silver frames, because chen said they were intimidating
- grew my hair out
- started wearing more makeup
- & painting my nails when I am bored
- got more clothes/better clothes
- got wayyy more shoes... lost my blue converses ): I miss them so much. wtf are they?!
- matured a lot, became more blunt and open
- STARTED PLAYING MOUSEHUNT. HAHA ♥ sheremy, chirip + terry for starting it all

Hm... I kind of want to leave all the emotional stuff for new years :)

DAY 29: In the past month, what have you learnt?

In the past month... I've learnt what a cherrypicker is (I learnt that today actually)...
holy crap I actually can't think of much. I mean I know you learn something new every day but it's probably really insignificant stuff that I don't care to remember. HAHA this is terrible. I should pay more attention to my surroundings XD
I learnt that Chen can't stand threesomes. And that he can't last more than 10 seconds. ;D


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