zzz a txt meme

So, in the time when I'm meant to be studying for my physics exam, I'm slacking off and about to go to sleep! :]

My friend sent me the below text:
'If u saw me in a police car, wat would u think i got arrested for? Answer me, then 4ward an c hw many crimes u get accused of !'
Since I was bored and not doing work like the good girl I should be, I forwarded it... these were the responses I got back:

on msn: wtf! I don't even have txts left!
by txt:
- You sweet talked the guy into giving you a lift
- I would think u got lost and they wr takn u home or ur mum didnt no whr u wr so cald up th police XD
- Being too beautiful ( awwww made my evening haha :] )
- Something sheldon like lolol
- Arrested for spamming tony
- Asian driving... or a hit and run =)
- Mistaken for a hobo in town :) arrested for assaulting a policeman
- Trying 2 pull a heist... ur the computer guy sitting in the van hacking in2 the security lol
- Arrested for eating evryones food :D
- Nerdiness. Without a doubt.

You guys should try this one hahaha it's fun XD


stebbles said...

Hahahah WTF the last one sounds like something I would say. 'Exam' makes it sound far more intense than 'test'