lack of updates

^by laina.

so yeah, it's been a while, i'm not sure if it's because I am mentally stable right now or if I just cbs updating but either way here's an update just because I feel guilty for not updating.

exam results are back, yet I feel more stress than ever lol... lucy's moving to aus, so I have to prepare a goodbye present... also a lot of internals coming up, and the like... and I need to tidy my desk. must also prepare stuffs for DO ><><>>

and also, @laina, since you keep pestering about ncea/ib I think I'm probably going to take ib. but even now I have no idea wtf I am taking within that. also I don't like making final decisions so I might change my mind again later but right now it's pretty sure. ugh, I feel so inadequate lately though. seems like everyone else is trying so hard at school and I feel like I'm actually trying less. I feel like my standards have dropped or something >> admittedly it could be a good thing to avoid stressing out about results but still, aim high = higher results right? sigh... I find that I'm affected very easily by outside factors when it should really be what I want and what's best for me, but what if those are conflicting? and what if I don't even know what I want...

well, I suppose a coin flip could be used, but even I'm not that carefree when it comes to life changing decisions.

getting late, grandma wants to go to fleamarket real early tomorrow, I think we're meant to be out the door by 8am tomorrow or something (ridiculous I know) so eh, night for now >< really wish I actually had something interesting to say, but I don't.


Anonymous said...

u and ur proness
and i wasnt PESTERING
i was nagging politely
oh well... have fun with that
uhh...printing place....yes...
and her drycleaning place
just use some special winnie techonological powers
and change one of the washing machines into a printer/photocopier

Steph said...

Hahah Lonely Island reference FTW :D

I'M ON A BOAT, and its going fast, and I got a nautical themed pashmina afghan. (WTF a pashmina is a scarf and an afghan is a really thick wooly blanket whaaa)

That song really pisses me off but is so fun to use in random situations.

no regrets said...

Fuck lol I've been having weird arse dreams too
the most recent of which (you know those foam rubber stick things that you can play around with and sit on in swimming pools and they float,) well I (and a whole class full of people, not sure which class tho) were using them
on land
but they made us float into the air??
and i couldnt control how high I was floating and I couldnt get back down again

and I'm not trying harder at school
weee buddies


one_entity said...

nagging... and politely... don't often go together. lol

see, this is what happens when we get given choice o.o maybe we're not fit to choose..

one_entity said...

btw, how do you draw on the calculator? i forgot XD

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