school has RESTARTED.

little pukeko, big pukeko. (: click for larger size. (and when I say large, i mean HUGE. click at your own risk)

not very clear but w/e... the whole day today I was just doing the legs hahaha, despite what he said about them having supposed to be done before lunch... speaking of which, I choked on my burger at BK today ): it was very unpleasant and I was coughing for the rest of the day. I think I have chicken in my lungs.

nothing of particular note has occurred recently. oh, yujie came back today... I never did get around to spam her txt inbox did I =/ o well. apparently she saw a tshirt that said "WEENIE" on it, haha >> I want to see her new haircut. in less than 24 hours C: yeey

I find that laina updates her blog a lot. her blog is light colour on black background. for some reason it makes me not want to read it >> normally I just skim over her entries lol @__@ cuz she uses a lot of enters and so it appears to be very long as well. I'm not sure why light colour on dark background makes me want to read it less though.

since everyone else seems to be talking about piggy flu I suppose I will too? =/ hard to tell atm really. we'll have to see. but eh I'm not gonna worry about it til people start dying and it's been confirmed I'm screwed.. in which case it's unavoidable anyway. not much I can do right now.

oh yeah, we had that gate thing on friday. it provoked much thoughtfulness and brain frying. unfortunately I have forgotten the bulk of everything that was mentioned, but that's ALL GOOD because kim took notes <3 will nab them at some point. maybe.

don't you ever feel like your body is just some person your mind has control over sometimes? =/ I felt that today. like, my thoughts and my body seems disconnected. while I was cutting today for the sculpture this electric pulse-like sensation shot up my arm. it felt weirddd. ughh. and sometimes when I see myself in the mirror, I don't think of it as me. Just another person in this world who I happen to control... man, sometimes I feel like I'm going mad. predominantly everything about me is centred around my mind, I don't really pay close attention to my body unless it's causing me pain (which one could argue is still in my mind.) sometimes I'll see myself and say 'huh, that doesn't look like me'. it's like I don't even recognise myself? I mean, yourself is the person you're gonna see the least of in this life anyway right... the feeling is just odd to me, when I see myself in the mirror, I can't think of any opinions at all. people say they look pretty today, or ugly today, or w/e but I don't... it's rather worrying. All I see is a person. and then my mind wanders =/

I am a messy person. =.= I guess anyone who has seen my room will know that. (then again none of you have, haha.) but my mum is constantly telling me how I should be more ladylike or w/e and clean my room? but it just seems so trivial to me and not worth bothering about @_@ I mean, since it's me it'll just get messed up again =.= and ALSO, why bother when I have all this other stuff to do D:

and lol what the hell, my cups have been moved to my room =D they're like... rusted now D: awww... my year 8 one still has the ribbons on it haha :D too bad my hair is now too short to make use of them... sigh, where has my intelligence gone... or maybe I am just overstretching myself too much, not happy enough to fulfill my potential? =/ that's not right, what about the overworked chinese students who are superbrains =.= talent + hard work. wish I had the willpower, really.


Anonymous said...

PUKEKOOO. I vant to see it in person D< And poke it and sit in its glory. And yes I want to see YJ's hair too.

Anonymous said...


word verfication: geduckle

one_entity said...

lol we got told last year that reverse text is easier to read. O.O

ahahaha you hobo what happened to taking notes with your mind XD

hahaha i agree about the mind/body thing

one_entity said...

in response to how to force yourself to study..
im failing at that too, so i dunno if u shud take advice from me, but
turn ur computer off and tell your parents not to let you on it for x hours.
that shud solve most of it.