tetris and ally's party

last night I got up to level 7 with 12398 points. yes, I am cool. :)

today was ally's party~~ it was so fun. even tho me and steph were outcasts when they went swimming and we just stood around. but then they came up to us and started squirting us with water :(
"ASSSSSSSShole....s" (in voicebreaking voice)
and we had dominoes pizza in the rain on the trunk of a bmw. yes we are just awesome like that and yeah, we could afford a bmw but not a table :( all the people walking past were like wtf.

and then we went back to ally's house and had cake. ^^ it was pretty good for cake (i dislike cake.) and the sprite was good.

and then we started playing on the ps2 and steph was being all non participant like so they associated me with her and made me not play either. :( i actually would've liked to lol

and then after everyone left (my mum was gonna be and hour and 15 mins late...) i played singstar with joy & ally. XD and i ALMOST tied with joy on 'imagine'... (i was like. 100 points behind) and then we did sweet home alabama (which I have never heard of by the way) and i pwned her :P I was like 1000 points ahead when she gave it to ally who sung the rest of it and by the end i still still 2000 points ahead. XD yeah I think it was a fluke too
but I'd still like to singstar on a song which I actually know.
and then we just played tekken. and we all got thrashed multiple times. i prefer dead or alive :(

short entry hehe. oh well tomorrow i have school >> one more week to go at least
lets try to survive the last few days together right~


Steph said...

Well then don't associate yourself avec moi DDD: STAND UP FOR YOURSELF WOONY. Independence is good for you 8D

They need to get better songs on Singstar though - like, I dun know half of them LOL.

Oi - you got a clearance form I can photocopy? I lost mine DDD:

Elmoemo said...

You wanna borrow my singstar?
I hate it