hey i actually managed to get some maths done

well life is just dandy. 5 more days til the holidays~~ berniiieeee and stephhhh we should go out sometime during the first week when bernie's still here :D
but not on the 20th cuz I'm going to watch 1408 with alice, jamie and yiming (who is definitely NOT x.)

@ chinese today... we did a 读一读... and it was with a '爸爸' 妈妈'' and a '云云' (which is a girl by the way). and so the teacher was like:

"who wants to be the mum? let's get a guy to be the mum." so then she chose this guy to be the mum.
"now who wants to be the dad? hmm..."
and '云云' ended up being a guy too. poor kid... and then in the end when he didn't read it properly and couldn't read like 1/2 the words he was like "it's not my fault! It's traumatizing having gay parents!"
hahaahhaah chinese class is fun.

tomorrow is ally's party! I am going! yay! ally gets a box of roses and no $40 hair straightener because a) it probably wouldn't work on ally and b) my parents are cheap.

oh i still haven't done the molly quiz 2 because i can't send it without first class >> gay.
have fun everyone and have a nice weekend before enduring the last 5 days of hell and then GOING ON HOLIDAY WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

so here is my xmas list...
* pretty stationery
* y12 maths crap so I can continue studying without having to buy my own
* 2 million dollar house plz
* to spend some time with friends during the holidays
* have fun during the holidays and not get sick ^^
* for bernie and steph to stop begging me about x who is eunji btw (but it's impossible for them..)
* well it would be nice to see x sometime but i guess that's impossible too haha. the next best thing would be to get over x but that's hard.
* try not to get TORTURED ANY MORE D:


Stephobia said...

Wow. Gay parents - is that what it's like to be Zeri? xD

elmoemo said...

lol ew . . .
Your chinese class is weird.
Come join mine!
My teacher gave us presents