ahahaha finally, an update?

so, what's kept me so long?
well I got pokemon diamond for christmas. so yes, I have been nerding away on my ds for a couple of days now ahurhurhur...

ok well I haven't updated in a long time ._.

on monday me, bernie and steph went to bernie's house and then went to newmarket where we contemplated about whether we should go to sylvia park for about 10 mins with laina and jimin.
yeah, can't remember anything else about monday since it was so long ago.

then on tuesday I went to laina's house where yujie jimin and steph were as well. We stuffed about the whole day and did nothing except eat, talk, straighten steph's hair (which laina hated) and then mine which didn't really do much except have nice smelling spray stuff in my hair for the rest of the day and read magazines lol. yeah, we are so cool.

I did nothing on wednesday except stay at home and scan pictures in and draw :D

and on thursday I went out with my mum to henderson where she sold a house and then we went out for lunch. They really need to stop hiring pretty boys for waiters == it's distracting. i'm trying to eat and then he picks up the teapot and im like WOAH PRETTY BOY -stare- It's depressing. ): those guys are prettier than me... -goes emo in the corner- after lunch we went to the warehouse to do christmas shopping where we spent like 200 bucks on gifts. I bought the evermore album =P then at night we went out as a family to ponsonby to see the christmas lights on franklin road ^^ they were really pretty.

and today, friday... went out with joy, ally, tara and steph to newmarket where we saw enchanted which was cheesy but still pretty good and LOL that prince is awesome. he has the best lines ever XD then basically waited for joy and ally to finish trying on clothes in supre already >>; bought some eyeliner to be emo with lol and hitched a ride with steph back home. come to think of it I should've bought lip gloss as well anyway since I still had 6 bucks rofl

so now laina is in christchurch, bernie's in rotorua, half of my asian friends are in china and yeah D: there's nothing to do...
nz sucks...

wow my life is so interesting...
not really. XD


steph said...

Pretty boy - ROFL. When you say that it makes it seem that they're metro or gay or somethin... 'pretty' is not a word you associate with a guy most of the time xD Hast thou emoed yourself up yet? Buy mascara next time too! Lol it's okay there's bound to be another time where we drop by Supre and wait for others to try on a billion different dresses - you can buy the lip gloss then 8D

And yes, Edward did have the best lines in the film but jeez he's so self centred. *Pip does charade clearly depicted a dead Giselle due to poisoned apple* "You love how I look when I'm sleeping! Thank you." WTF he should be blonde xDDD He also has retarded pretty boy hair and very prominent cheekbones. ROFL I'm so weird.