Thoughts that come to mind because I haven't updated in 2 months and feel guilty


1) I haven't had much free time at all since college started. Classes were kind of crazy a while back. It's lightened up a little bit in terms of workload but I still have back to back assignments every week which is kind of a bummer. Anyway I'm taking 4 classes this semester: Systems, Compilers, 3D Animation and Linear Algebra/DiffEqs. It's a lot of work but I'm surviving maybe.

2) I think I'm getting kind of sick. Almost lost my voice tonight at office hours

3) I did office hours for ~4.5 hours tonight pretty sure. Also it was encouraging because I was able to help people with a problem set I struggled with last year, so I felt like I grew in that sense.

4) I noticed the other day that it's less frequent that we use "brb" in texting/messaging these days, because before people would sit down at their computer and say brb when they went away from the keyboard, but now with the rise of mobile technology it's less and less needed because people will always just have their phones with them on the go anyway. Will we see the death of "brb" and especially "afk" soon??? (I think afk only exists in gaming now)

5) I bought heart of the swarm and haven't played with it. #thingstododuringwinterbreak

6) I need to rewrite my resume

7) I need to redo my website. My portfolio domain is going to expire soon #thingstododuringwinterbreak

8) A group of us went to MIT to hackathon a couple of weeks ago and we won Galaxy S4s! They haven't arrived yet.

9) I miss home

10) I think I have lost 2 water bottles this semester already and I am sad.

11) I am going to meet with the Concentration adviser tomorrow to sort out my concentration declaration! :D I feel like a real college student now. I will have an official major.

12) I have recently been into doodling platypuses in class.

13) I have too many belongings here and I don't know how to get rid of them. I think I could live out of my backpack and my underwear/tshirt drawer for a week if I needed to. And the only reason I wouldn't last more than that is because I need to change jeans. Oh, I guess I need to shower every day too though, so I also need a towel.

14) My laptop trackpad got screwed up at hackMIT because I installed some weird trackpad driver and it hasn't been the same since T_T Also my laptop randomly shuts down when it's asleep and I have no idea why :/

15) OSX Mavericks sounds like it's got a lot of sick features. It should be really nice to use after all the bugs have been straightened out

16) Am I invisible and only exist when people need stuff from me?

Here is a platypus jump kick