I am now a university student.

I was going to post an update at the end of last week but never did due to my perpetual laziness. Better late than never though :)

I have to say, last week was one of the slowest weeks I have experienced in a while. I don't know if it was just that time goes slower when I'm not scrolling the Trending page on 9gag 3 times a day, or just that so much happened that it felt slow, but it crawled by like a snail.

University turned out to be a little different to how I expected, but then again I can't imagine what I expected it to be like before I went. I do not really find it FUN per se, but it is not awful. It just is, I guess haha. The classes are not especially interesting or fun, neither are they horrible. Running into people everywhere is interesting but awkward when you wave to someone and they don't remember who you are.

Lectures that are too far apart geographically on campus are a pain.

We had a china camp reunion on Thursday night which was fun. It's interesting how there was no awkwardness even though it was so long ago and I haven't talked to many of them since then. Really enjoyed catching up with everyone and seeing how people have or haven't changed at all haha. Even though the trip itself at the end of 2006 was only 3 weeks long, 5 years later we're still in touch, and can enjoy such an evening together... that's really amazing :)

I also can't help but think, in just a few weeks time, I'll know whether I'm going to the US in another 6 months... or staying in Auckland. And I'll know exactly where I'm going and what I'll be doing in the next 4 years. That's such a scary thought -- I know I've been saying I can't wait to know and the anticipation has been killing me (and it has, really!), but the thought itself is still so alien to me. I want to know, but it feels SO WEIRD to know that I will finally know, so soon!!! Hahahah I guess I'm just excited.

The future is exciting :) The present, not so much. Hahahahahaha oh ENGGEN 121, how I dislike your problems.