dear lady waitress

dear lady waitress,
why do you look so sad?
your wrinkles like deep roots
clinging onto your face
growing into diamonds
in the corners of your
downwards-draping eyes

the only colour I see
is in your mass-produced
woven uniform
clashing with the rosiness
of a little inverse crescent moon
glowing disdain onto the world

yet the sleekness of your hair
and the elegance of your hands
give you away;
you are not a sad lady, waitress
still in the morning of your life
although it is dark outside
and we dine around you
as you invisibly bring us our peking duck
with such sadness in your eyes

I can see past it, waitress;
yet I wonder why
you don't smile?


inspired by a waitress at dinner 2 nights ago


Human Male #16503921756 said...

Because she's a waitress. Having to serve the masses.

lucee said...

LOL Will :)

Paperplain said...

This is great!

Captain Barnaby said...

so good winnieee! You are so talented