Between Exams

So yes, I'm between exams at the moment. It's 1.10pm and my printmaking exam will begin in 50 minutes. I still haven't printed the stuff I was meant to because the stupid macs at school refuse to connect to the school printer... hmmmmmmm. GL to everyone sitting their maths exam right now I suppose ^^ seeing everyone stressing out on the table at lunchtime made me nostalgic about stresses long past... (not really, maybe just a few hours ago). Well the calc exam turned out exceedingly easy, since they put in the E questions in from last year that I'd done as part of my study (and I'd imagine a lot of others had done too) so nobody's complaining about that :P Calc schol on the other hand.... ehhh, never expected to do very well, ended up answering about 1/2 the questions and probably wrongly D:

I suppose I could just get off this computer and use one of the windows computers to try to connect to the printer but I can't be bothered... multimedia room is empty and tranquil. I hate this keyboard though. It's hard to type on and I can already feel the strain in my wrists ):

Itt's quite misty outside. It's just rained... quite a bit of rain actually, but the sky is still grey. I guess it's going to keep raining. At least it doesn't make me feel too bad about going into exams hahaha. Hate it when the weather's awesome and I have to sit an exam...

ONLY PHYSICS TO STRESS OUT ABOUT NOW :] and I can study that all morning tomorrow! these exams have certainly been short lived. I can tell that I'm not going to get very good grades though hahahaha. ewww unfamiliar texts.

I noticed that people have stopped commenting ): WHY? It makes me feel lonely. So if you read my blogs please comment. :] it keeps me writing things for your entertainment. Unless of course you hate my blogs and would just like me to please stop updating. XD but that'll never happen completely either hahahaha. I've been terribly consistent with this blog, haven't missed a month since I started it in november 2007. How's that possible? I have no idea either. Maybe I just get bored a lot.

I think some blogs I'm following are a bit bugged too D: I haven't been getting any updates from cindee's blog on my feed even though she's updated like 20 times in the last 4 months. Ughh stupid blogger javascripts.

Well I've just wasted 1o minutes. I think I'll go print out the stuff now and then head down to the art dept to bum around a bit... no I won't, I'll just sleep here. Sigh cbf doing work. I'm so over working already and not even graduated from high school. wow I'm going to have such a productive hardworking life.


sharonyang said...

THE MULTIMEDIA ROOM is the room filled with apples aye? Rich people. . . .

lol. if a stranger was to read this - they might think the room is filled with fruit :D

one_entity said...

what incongruity. "calc exam turned out exceedingly easy" and "I'm not going to get good grades" lol

oh i always thought that you had made it a point to update at least once a month haha coincidink

-zees est my un-lonelifying comment!- with muchos neologisms.

steph said...

Physicssssss D:

Captain Barnaby said...

Wahhhh I am so lazy man you are much less lazy than me!!!