Missing opportunities?

READ THIS STORY by Haruki Murakami: On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning.

It's so sad and cute ): But I guess it means that we should take charge of our fates and try not to miss any opportunities. I quite like that short story.

Happy birthday to CHENCAKE :] and happy mother's day for all the mums out there tomorrow. There were no birthday cards when I went to whitcoulls today to get a card as they had taken them all down to make room for happy mothers day cards which were all pink and there were lots of people getting last minute cards. I found it ironic how I was one of them, except I wasn't buying a card for my mother. Yes I got chencake a mothers day card. I chose a purple one with glitter :] hope he likes it.

Ahhh these days I've been feeling so 'meh' about everything. Homework? Fine, let's do it. Going out tomorrow? Fine, see you there. Exams? Cool, I'll study for it. Party on Saturday? Alright, why not. Everything's the same... Where's the joy and sadness? =/ Arguably it's good for school I suppose.

Anyway, hope everyone's having a good life :] I have badminton and work tomorrow, then school again, and exams are in 3 weeks :D gl to everyone studying. ciao for now?


YJ said...

thats such a sad story..