Everyone's different. Lately I find myself more and more objectively looking at people and evaluating their good and bad parts, and I realised that each person has a little good and bad in them. Nobody is a good person, and nobody is a bad person. People are people. Diversity is everywhere.

When listening to (eavesdropping on) people smack talk about others behind their backs, it becomes apparent that people don't really like others who are radically different from themselves and somehow feel that expressing this observation with someone else is beneficial. Interestingly, more often than not, the rantee agrees with the ranter. I wonder, is this really how they feel or are they just keeping the ranter happy?

There is soooo much talking behind people's backs these days, it's really a bit tragic. And of course, the people people talk about are invariably the ones they spend long periods of time with, the people who are supposedly their friends. Quoting Owl City, "With friends like (those), who needs enemies?"

You know, sometimes I feel like people who talk about others behind their backs are somewhat insecure, and either want to talk bad about others to bring themselves upwards and feel better about themselves, or really do have an issue with the person but just don't have the guts to confront them straight up. People will say they cbf, but that sounds like bullshit. They're able to spend the effort on talking about it with someone else, and it should take the same amount of effort to confront the subject directly, right? Or, they'll say that they don't want things to become awkward for everyone else, or they don't want to create drama. Well in that case, isn't it smarter to just not talk about it at all and keep their dislike for the person to themselves? =/

I guess I'm starting to feel the pressure of being a teenager. Sigh, according to Fletch and Vaughn, the bullshit levels are 'dangerously low' and they advised everyone to 'talk crap' about people. Maybe it's just me but I'm pretty sure bullshit levels are at an all time high.

No one's an angel. I'm pretty sure that most people try to keep themselves in a positive light, and try to bring people on their side and make their side of the story sound 'right' and the other person 'wrong', but sometimes I think it's important to evaluate and judge our own actions, not just others'.

Having said that, I've found that evaluating one's own actions can cause a paradoxical thinking process and lead one to believe that she is going insane. But you know, I guess at least I'm thinking about the things I do? Although going by my reasoning, everything I've just said above about other people is judgmental as well and I'm just a huge hypocrite. But you know what, there's just no way around that in this world. Life's not fair. And I'll accept that I can be a hypocrite, even though I try not to be. And I'm no angel either. Everyone has good and bad in them. I guess the most I can do is try to do good whenever I remember, and hope that everyone will forgive all the bad things about me... Of course I can't expect that either though.

Ah... with people like this, one starts to wonder how the world functions at all...


one_entity said...

-"the rantee agrees with the ranter"
i think if the ranter puts forward a good enough argument, the rantee will begin to come around to their point of view. or, they may feel it's their duty to listen and by extension, passively agree.

-"they don't want to create drama"
maybe they trust the ppl they rant to, and are confident they won't do anything to make the situation worse... and they don't know what to do so ranting, even though it's doing nothing, gives the impression that they're doing sth

hmm and then again, when i read back the above, it sounds like I'm making excuses for people's backtalking. ofc there will also be people for whom this is their biggest "bad part".

"You humans.. you claim to love order, but what is your world if not chaos?"

s2 said...

the answer?
chocolate ice cream.
ALWAYS chocolate.
No chocolate ice cream?
big, butch medium-rare steak.

YJ said...

"You humans.. you claim to love order, but what is your world if not chaos?"

This quote sounds familiar

Anonymous said...

I can see where you're coming from, but don't forget that people ought to be allowed to have an outlet to vent their opinions and feelings, and some people might tend to do that by bitching to their friends. It would be a pretty oppressive world if when we have nothing nice to say, we don't say it at all.