life is full of colour

Life can't be divided into black and white... it's a blend of infinite shades of grey and infinite hues of colour...
Sometimes you get a strange mixture of colours that you may not like
Or sometimes you can choose what colours you want in your life
but unlike if it was black and white, if you chose white then black could be tossed aside, when you choose your colour in life, the other colours are still there, co-existing.

I cried tonight. It was a mixture of sadness, or happiness, I don't know. Sometimes laughing made me cry, but in a sad way. Why do choices always mean that we can only choose to go one way? We will never know what would have happened if we walked the other path, if things would have turned out better, or worse, or made no difference in the long run. And just because we choose A over B, doesn't mean that B is not important at all... it's as if you are made to choose between losing your foot or losing your hand. Either way it's gonna be painful for you, right?

But I think that this is one of things that makes life beautiful as well... It could be 'better', more 'happy' if we didn't have to make choices like these... but it's good to experience a little pain as well. it's useless to tell somebody to 'stop crying, just be happy' when they are crying. just let everyone cry a little. cry away all the bad things, so you are left happy. it's bad to hold things in. what is happiness if we have never experienced sadness? it's not bad to feel sad. It may feel awful, but I think it's important to relish the feeling one gets when they are sad, to fully experience life and all that it offers. Why fight something natural? There is nothing wrong about crying... why does it make people so uncomfortable? Holding it in is going to be more painful in the long run...

Keep track of the not so distant future. Things that you are sad about now may sometime in the near future make you happy again. It's important to look forward to these times and fully enjoy them as much as you can, no holding back... Well, that's what I hope my future to turn out like anyway.


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one_entity said...

u know that chinese proverb on the kahunui 'lab' wall?

"if you do not change direction, you are going to end up where you were headed"

i guess the choice is sort of, are you happy with where you're going to end up.. and if you are, but you want something else as well, then that's where the pain comes in

i agree with you that its not bad to feel sad though.. for me, sadness is the easiest of the 'negative' emotions to bear, because it means, for example, that you lost something worthwhile.