above: angela and the band, performing "god knows" from melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, although it's not like you can tell the dif between songs in a photo but still. she's really good at singing~~ i had it stuck in my head all day lolol

it was even more epic than last year. probably because I was actually exhibiting this year =D it was so much fun, thanks to everyone who stopped by to look at my stuff or buy it ^^~ I was next to kera-doll (nicole) who was really nice and simply awesome to be beside (: her keychains were so cute~~ anyway, so I got there at 7.30am, almost got lost but then a worker took us there by elevator (fancyyyy) and I set up, halfway through I realised that I didn't have enough table space for my A3 posters... so I went to ask them if I could use the other half and to my surprise it was actually mine for use since rocky couldn't make it... but o well thanks to her not being there I had enough table space har har har =D actually I didn't take any pictures of my own table LOL, I hope someone else has pictures.

I saw a lot of people who came to support, eg. steph and tash, julia and her 'little brother' LMAO, rui, will & terry, and yj and jamie. thanks so much (: I also met a lot of new people eg. sam, rex, tyler, annaleisa and her brother jeffery who has an awesome signature that looks like pi because his initials are JT =D thanks for the drawing~ it was awesome to meet you guys (: also met rebecca and michelle who were awesome too~ I want those pictures guys lolol. also of course saw fellow artists eg. rebecca, kaylee and amanda~

I think what made it really awesome for me was just the people and the atmosphere, everyone was so great, esp in the afternoon after lunch when rui, yj, will, terry and jamie were pretty much manning my store with me (yes, 6 people on 3 chairs). when yj and jamie brought me lunch I went outside and sat on the ground like a hobo eating bk. yes I did get a lot of stares but shhhh >> i'm cool

also it's interesting from the vendors point of view because you notice things like the sorts of buyers.. some people stop to look, linger and then carry on, some strike up conversation, and some give you money and take the item without saying anything at all haha. there were 2 girls who fought over the vongola guardians original lineart I had for sale and I didn't know whos money to take @__@ in the end I just took the one with the $10 cuz it meant I didn't have to give change.. aaa I feel bad for the other girl tho.

also there was a guy who wanted to know about DO and similar events and how I knew about them. I dunno why he asked me of all people but I gave him the animenz website address lol XD tbh I hear about it from word of mouth mainly so I wasn't really sure what to tell him...

in terms of profit, I made $6.80. (man that sucks, you say). well I also spent over 100 bucks on pretty things (below) AND I treated terry/will/jamie/yj/rui to dinner afterwards because I'm so nice. it was an EPIC experience so that's all I needed, money wasn't really my aim. I thought I made a deficit actually so it's nice that I actually come out with some extra money hahahaha

well yeah, we had sushi for dinner in a food court, then I treated everyone to dessert lmao. then we went to yifans and did sticker photos and watched terry and will fail at ddr, watch will and terry die from exhaustion and then catch the bus home. yay~

and ofc sometime during this time yj became very happy, but that's not my story to tell =P congrats~


above: new posters: reborn boys by amanda, hitsugaya by pauline, k-on's ritsu and mio by bane (came free with a sketchbook), 2 magnets by pauline, orange original char print by pauline (came free with poster), chrome by yuna
above: clockwise from top left, "The Scrap Book 2009" by bane, "Worlds Apart" by hiyaku studio, "Paper Birds" by kaylee, "Radio On 88.69" by matsuo-lenn (I bought an extra copy for rocky's birthday since she can't be there...), "Superscenic" by collateral damage x tera (beautiful music + beautiful art makes this the most expensive thing I bought.. but it was so, so worth it D:), "Bubble Tea" by rebecca and michelle and "Adolescence" by aiki-ame and marxwyn. in addition to this there is also a byakuya pin that was given free with kaylee and amanda's business card and 5 CUTE PHONE CHARM things from nicole DD: they are seriously adorable, I got luke, klavier, seychelles, trucy and apollo 8D

well theres the conclusion of DO2009. ROLL ON 2010!! It's going to be twice as epic =D

july 12th


=D click to enlarge.
1. will, bear and piggy soft toys (:
2. carmen, a cuteee bear basket filled with lollies~~ can't see it in this photo since it's still unwrapped but it's cute =D
3. eunji - a pair of socks lolol, a hairtie and a wizard of oz notebook (:
4.vicky, a box of roses and a cute eraser and pencil~
5. neeshah, a basket drawer thing EDIT--- found out it's from jacky THANKS (:
10. julia - a little build it yourself cake sculptures X3 I got the chessboard haha it's really cute but I can't work out how to melt the glue to stick on the pieces haha
11. jimin - a piece of brownie wrapped in tinfoil and a palm tree necklace =D
12. steph - 20 bucks and an awesome card TYVM lololol all the memories
13. roger - 20 bucks and a few movies on his usb which I have to return later, I am legend, forest gump, watchmen, monsters vs aliens and knocked up. (:
14. yujie - juggling balls/hacky sacks and a fan =D just what I asked for tyvm <333 haul ="D">:D

mann today was fun. 2 hours was really short >< thanks to everybody who came, hope everyone had a lot of fun... a lot of people didn't come which left some people as loners-ish but everyone made a new acquaintance I guess.

will and tony are losers for playing arcade games while at ice skating. =P everyone had fun watching yj put snowballs down shirt hurhurhur. never saw it coming.... grats to harim and kenji for winning races, there were a lot of falls... but yeah all in all a pretty good day I guess. heaps of randoms, mainly jonathan's friends lol but pro. for everyone who stayed afterwards for cake you guys are awesome (: esp the losers who refused to eat cake coughrogerandarkarcough, I feel very satisfied after making you eat it.

and TIAN wooooo he went on the ice. that's accomplishment enough for him XD everyone was mixing really well lol I got confused in the beginning cuz I thought "wtf I thought they didn't know each other..." but yeah it's good that everyone talked to everyone (:

hm, only feel once today cuz will pushed me lolol. but then he caught me. but then he dropped me and i dragged down kim and we all fell 8D yuppp pretty cool. ice is slippery.

hope everyone enjoyed their day anyway... imma go watch some movies now =P

picspam & various other things


^^^ the bookmarks for DO (: theres only 4 of each right now tho I really need to photocopy. speaking of arts, I need to get some magic tape to start my painting, but I have the feeling that I'm just going to flag and start painting without magic tape >> resulting in an extremely messy painting but EHHH i'll try to be careful but I just really cbs looking for tape since it appears to be extremely elusive and rare in convience stores according to what i've heard from steph.

birthday party on sunday and I still haven't bought anything for yj/kim/shu/ej (FEBRUARY)/steph (APRIL)/bernie(APRIL). I think I'm doing rather well don't you? the above are presents from will. very sneaky of him, giving me my presents before HIS birthday so I would feel extra pressure to give him his on time. ): blahhh no time.

also I got conned into proofreading my cousin's 94 page long masters degree thesis. it went like this: "hey can you proofread some of my writing I don't think my english is entirely correct." thinking it was some little article I accepted. I feel somewhat cheated. =/ welll I'm almost halfway through it.. 40/94..

my mum bought this nescafe italian cappucino coffee powder. it tastes nice =D I think I might be addicted to coffee by now... I've eaten like half the tin >< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">my last braceless photo of teeth for a few years. ): blehhh I'm not even scared of the pain but I'm pretty sure braces will be ugly on me D: