would you?

a man has been with his first girlfriend for 5 years and is happy. however, he is curious as he has never been in another relationship. does he break up with his current girlfriend to seek a different one just for the experience and possibility of greater happiness?

many people will say no! think about the girlfriend! you're a terrible boyfriend, she deserves better.

a man is a successful businessman. he is happy with his job and position. however, he is curious as he has always been in this business. he is fascinated in something else, lets say cars. does he quit his job and become a mechanic and possibility of greater happiness?

many people will say no! you are already successful, just be happy with what you have now, don't take the risk.

what if the businessman's passion is cars and only became a businessman because of a coincidence? eg, made a bet with his friend to start buying stocks, whoever earned more by the end of ___ won...

what if the man got with his current girlfriend just because she was there at the time and is in fact currently in love with another woman who he knows will guarantee him greater happiness if he is successful?

life is full of complicated decisions. [except maybe the relationship one isn't good example because it involves someone else's feelings.]

do you give up what you have, the safe option, for an option with greater rewards but instability?

do you give up what you have for something that you really believe in?

do you give up what you have for something you know will bring more hardships, but know that in the end it is what you really want?

would you give it up, if you don't know if your other option is in fact what you really want at all?

I think it depends on the individual case. But I'm thinking of taking the risk. You only have one shot at life, might as well make it count. I'm planning to help change the world, rather than going forward with my previous plans of becoming an architect or designer, something artsy.. what is the purpose? other than entertainment of others. People will say I'm too ambitious. But I want to make my life count. This decision isn't final, obviously. I'm only 15. But whatever I choose in the end... I'm going to make it count. I'm going to the top =P you can all lol at me when I fail. but you know that I'm just gonna get off my ass and try again til I get it.

So the point of this blog post was.. DONATE TO SCIENCE. I MIGHT BE NEEDING IT.


steph said...

Where do you get all this stuf seriously Winnae. o_o

And WTF you mean by you ditching the artsy careers? Science? What exactly do you plan to do my child? Immortality potion as discussed earlier? xD WOOT.

Whatever you end up doing Mommy will be proud (: (and leech of your financial funds once you become an uber billionaire.)