1week into holidays general update

7 days since last update. nothing much happened since then leg healed a bit (ha ha.)

thursday I went up to one tree hill to stitch pigs and ended up with amazing tanlines and sunburn. (: but thats allgood cuz the tanlines are gone now.

friday I sewed for the whole day trying to get all the pigs done before laina's party

saturday was hectic, speed sketched laina's present and then had to rush off to chinese on bus. there was an asian couple there who asked some questions about bus and they made me realise a lot of stereotypes... asian looking people are probably chinese |: since there are so many the chance of it being chinese is high I guess. no 2, chinese people who speak mandarin all come from beijing. false. ==; the old guy was like "你是北京人?" and I was like “哈哈,不是,我是广州的。” --; also, they started asking about if I go to school here as if I'm like an exchange student. when I told them that I came here like more than 10 years they asked about my parents, and I said they lived here too. which leads me to no 4: they asked 他们在这边开中餐馆? which is like... do they own a chinese restaurant here? XDDDD I actually loled and said no. mannnnn chinese stereotypes. but cuz I provided such lovely conversation they gave me a beijing olympics souvenir pin (:

chinese class was actually really fun, there was only me and angie there. we watched like 45 mins of chinese martial arts movie and then read little stories haha. funnnn. our class is so crap tho there's like noone there, so next term I might go and join the sunday class after art although it's the book lower than ours. apparently there are heaps of guys in that class (:

laina's party was fun lol and a nice break from all that frantic sketching and sewing. some photos and videos will never be released to the public |: man I want to see photos from the party D: we all know what happened with those empty bottles in the pantry anyway....... watched love actually. btw that girl singing actually has an active youtube page and is now 16. she's a good singer (:

sunday went SP and got free frozen yoghurt and watched quantum of solace. apparently wasn't as good as CR but I didn't watch it so eh yeah. was pretty good for me anyway, first 007 movie I watched lol.

today went newmarket with tian jamie and ming again and played pool for 4 hours. I'm getting better (: fluked a lot. had korean food for lunch and left like $5 worth of food on the table cuz there was so damn much. saw laina, had her stand next to tian and loled. (imagine 158cm next to nearly 190cm lol). just found out that ming waited at the wrong bus stop for an hour for the bus aleksdfjaklsdf HAHAHAHAHAAH. ok ignore me.

yeah that's all so far. today was a pretty fun day tho (: enjoying my holidayssss. but then I have to tidy my room and everything before the 27th when auntie and family come... siiiigh. i think ill just dump everything in drawers and never open them to make it LOOK clean at least. and then never use my room again. @_@ I found out that william lives like 3 streets down from me, I can go trash his place instead |:

btw happy birthday mum if you happen to see this (doubtful)

I've actually lost 3kgs already this week. I think it's the lack of steph food and sleep. I'm averaging about 6-7 hours of sleep every night lol. but hey, not necessarily a bad thing. and tian's ano or something, around 188cm and 63kg |: that's that lighter than I was at the beginning of the holidays T___T; what a stick.

that's all for now I think. still have heaps to do before I can relax. sdfklawjsflas ughhh. it's kind of good to have nothing to do steph. or you can come to my house and tidy my room for me, if you want. (:


stephfood catering co. said...

Lols trust the Asian couple to actually GIVE you something for answering some simple questions xD Lol yeah I wanna get the photos and vid too. To watch, in private, without parents within 50m of me for obvious reasons lols.

ROFL. Cough. Hey I told you, it's YOUR freewill to either take the food, or to politely decline it :P Your friend Tian has some issues? DAYAM. 188cm? Creepyyy.

Anonymous said...

juz shudup
n wtf iz 'pousteri'
...zatz da wrd verificati0n