I'm back from bay of islands (: my report is, it was ok, 3 days of stress ==; and all in all 3 days wasted |: this is going to be a picture spam, then I might do a rant on what I'm feeling atm.

on the 2nd day we went up to cape reinga (signpost above) and on the way we stopped for icecream. the pictures below show SINGLE SCOOP ice creams btw. I also have a nice one of a car that drove onto one that dropped onto the ground. ahahahaha straight on the wheel =P the above is my brother & his lime one, and below is my cousin with his chocolate. faces censored for obvious reasons ==;

look at this awesome shot I got of the seagulls:

and I have plenty more where that came from. the sky was really blue that day despite weather reports predicting rain. well we did get some rain in the beginning but it eased up by noon, revealing the awesome sky u see above (:

ok rant timmeeee. this must be so overdone but come on.. parents ==; won't let me go to newmarket with a guy. wtf? its not even a date, just with a friend. and when I tried to tell my dad this he was like "yeahh that's what YOU say..." such lack of trust D: then he goes "u shouldnt be dating at ur age" and im like WTFFF ITS NOT A DATEEE. plus I'm 15 already >>; it's like I grow and shrink as they prefer "you're 15, you're old enough to have all these responsibilities, do the dishes, clean the car, vacuum the house, clean the windows, help ur brother with his homework, tell ur brother to stop watching tv, no i cant take u there, take the bus, use the train, go earn ur own money, get a job... ==; then all of a sudden no you can't go out you're too young, stay home more. O_o

man I wish he'd use his brain. if I wanted to date someone, I know that he wouldn't approve anyway, so I would immediately lie and use someone else as a cover up right. ==; it's like he trusts me to not lie but doesnt trust me to tell the truth about going out with a guy who he suspects is a date. geeee... and if you're reading this dad hey yeah, this is how I think, plz regard what I say |: and ur obliviousness isn't helping, the irony of the situation is getting wayy out of hand. u wont let me be alone with a guy friend, yet you have no complaints about me being alone with family friend's son whos hitting on me every chance he can get. wtf?

I'm not as pure and stupid as you think, sure I'm innocent compared to a lot of other people but I'm not stupid. If I want to disobey you I can do it without you knowing, yet the fact that I'm willing to tell you that I'm going to newmarket with this guy is completely ignored |: I'm definitely more obedient than other kids my age, and they take it for granted. Of course I guess they assume that I always tell the truth and the whole truth. but omg come on we're teenagers you should know what we're capable of, unless you were a teenager who had no life back then ==;

he wants me to find someone else to come. I offered that he come, but obviously he's not going to be around. see even he can't carry thru with his own condemnations. being a teenager i could just go alone and say i found someone else to come. or i could just be an ass and not bring anything up, and then after he comes back be like 'yeah we went alone |: what's it to you? can't change anything now...
/ENDrant for now... dont want to depress u guys any more lol

on a slightly better note, my other pair of converses came today (: yaaay~

they're sexy. (: also with them came a top, jeans and a jacket which I got in china so yaay I have moar clothes now =P

fjasdlfajwdlksf I'm still pissed off. gonna go and play some games ==;

[EDIT] O YEAH AND BEFORE I FORGET. happy new year (: cherish the last few hours of 2008, and cherish that last EXTRA SECOND =P official timekeepers, pshh.

random meme


I got bored, heres a blog meme.

1) Answer the questions and type into google image search

2) Post pictures from first results page

1. age at next birthday
2. place you'd like to travel to
3. favorite place
4. favorite object
5. favorite food
6. favorite animal
7. favorite color
8. place you were born
9. place where you live
10. name of a past pet
11. best friends nickname
12. your screen name/nickname

13. your first name
14. your middle name (no, I don't know either.)
15. your last name
16. a bad habit of yours (I'll do it tomorrow.)
17. your first job
18. grandmother's name
19. college major
20. favorite holiday

about no 12... that's actually my avatar on livejournal LOL SKILL I'm the only zmallet on the internet.

well that killed some of my time. aunt and cousin came over from america. HES SO CUTE <3333 lik 6 year old with squeaky lil-kid voice bouncing off the walls X33 anyway we're going up to bay of islands next 3 days so that's why I won't be around. txt me tho =P

btw Britney Spears - Circus = good song. no I lie, I'm obsessed atm. yes, I have it on repeat. -shame-

would you?


a man has been with his first girlfriend for 5 years and is happy. however, he is curious as he has never been in another relationship. does he break up with his current girlfriend to seek a different one just for the experience and possibility of greater happiness?

many people will say no! think about the girlfriend! you're a terrible boyfriend, she deserves better.

a man is a successful businessman. he is happy with his job and position. however, he is curious as he has always been in this business. he is fascinated in something else, lets say cars. does he quit his job and become a mechanic and possibility of greater happiness?

many people will say no! you are already successful, just be happy with what you have now, don't take the risk.

what if the businessman's passion is cars and only became a businessman because of a coincidence? eg, made a bet with his friend to start buying stocks, whoever earned more by the end of ___ won...

what if the man got with his current girlfriend just because she was there at the time and is in fact currently in love with another woman who he knows will guarantee him greater happiness if he is successful?

life is full of complicated decisions. [except maybe the relationship one isn't good example because it involves someone else's feelings.]

do you give up what you have, the safe option, for an option with greater rewards but instability?

do you give up what you have for something that you really believe in?

do you give up what you have for something you know will bring more hardships, but know that in the end it is what you really want?

would you give it up, if you don't know if your other option is in fact what you really want at all?

I think it depends on the individual case. But I'm thinking of taking the risk. You only have one shot at life, might as well make it count. I'm planning to help change the world, rather than going forward with my previous plans of becoming an architect or designer, something artsy.. what is the purpose? other than entertainment of others. People will say I'm too ambitious. But I want to make my life count. This decision isn't final, obviously. I'm only 15. But whatever I choose in the end... I'm going to make it count. I'm going to the top =P you can all lol at me when I fail. but you know that I'm just gonna get off my ass and try again til I get it.

So the point of this blog post was.. DONATE TO SCIENCE. I MIGHT BE NEEDING IT.

1week into holidays general update


7 days since last update. nothing much happened since then leg healed a bit (ha ha.)

thursday I went up to one tree hill to stitch pigs and ended up with amazing tanlines and sunburn. (: but thats allgood cuz the tanlines are gone now.

friday I sewed for the whole day trying to get all the pigs done before laina's party

saturday was hectic, speed sketched laina's present and then had to rush off to chinese on bus. there was an asian couple there who asked some questions about bus and they made me realise a lot of stereotypes... asian looking people are probably chinese |: since there are so many the chance of it being chinese is high I guess. no 2, chinese people who speak mandarin all come from beijing. false. ==; the old guy was like "你是北京人?" and I was like “哈哈,不是,我是广州的。” --; also, they started asking about if I go to school here as if I'm like an exchange student. when I told them that I came here like more than 10 years they asked about my parents, and I said they lived here too. which leads me to no 4: they asked 他们在这边开中餐馆? which is like... do they own a chinese restaurant here? XDDDD I actually loled and said no. mannnnn chinese stereotypes. but cuz I provided such lovely conversation they gave me a beijing olympics souvenir pin (:

chinese class was actually really fun, there was only me and angie there. we watched like 45 mins of chinese martial arts movie and then read little stories haha. funnnn. our class is so crap tho there's like noone there, so next term I might go and join the sunday class after art although it's the book lower than ours. apparently there are heaps of guys in that class (:

laina's party was fun lol and a nice break from all that frantic sketching and sewing. some photos and videos will never be released to the public |: man I want to see photos from the party D: we all know what happened with those empty bottles in the pantry anyway....... watched love actually. btw that girl singing actually has an active youtube page and is now 16. she's a good singer (:

sunday went SP and got free frozen yoghurt and watched quantum of solace. apparently wasn't as good as CR but I didn't watch it so eh yeah. was pretty good for me anyway, first 007 movie I watched lol.

today went newmarket with tian jamie and ming again and played pool for 4 hours. I'm getting better (: fluked a lot. had korean food for lunch and left like $5 worth of food on the table cuz there was so damn much. saw laina, had her stand next to tian and loled. (imagine 158cm next to nearly 190cm lol). just found out that ming waited at the wrong bus stop for an hour for the bus aleksdfjaklsdf HAHAHAHAHAAH. ok ignore me.

yeah that's all so far. today was a pretty fun day tho (: enjoying my holidayssss. but then I have to tidy my room and everything before the 27th when auntie and family come... siiiigh. i think ill just dump everything in drawers and never open them to make it LOOK clean at least. and then never use my room again. @_@ I found out that william lives like 3 streets down from me, I can go trash his place instead |:

btw happy birthday mum if you happen to see this (doubtful)

I've actually lost 3kgs already this week. I think it's the lack of steph food and sleep. I'm averaging about 6-7 hours of sleep every night lol. but hey, not necessarily a bad thing. and tian's ano or something, around 188cm and 63kg |: that's that lighter than I was at the beginning of the holidays T___T; what a stick.

that's all for now I think. still have heaps to do before I can relax. sdfklawjsflas ughhh. it's kind of good to have nothing to do steph. or you can come to my house and tidy my room for me, if you want. (:

mm, pus.


look at that =P hahahaha I'm so clumsy. cuz tian made a stupid as shot and I was high, I rofled literally by tripping over my pool cue and skidding my left knee along the carpet. I'm so cool -.-

so I had a great time in the shower today. yeah. but after a while you kinda get used to the pain... it's still pusing atm tho.

not gonna go over yesterday since ppl who read my blog already know what happened (walked around, looked at phone, window shopped, spent like an hour in supre looking at specials, got the phone, maybe walked around some more...) I forgot. but the drink was nice.

this morning I woke up, thot 'huh, I got up pretty early this morning.' thinking it was about 6am, slowly getting out of bed, looked at clock OMFG ITS 7.48. so I had to rush everything and basically ran to the bus stop to catch the bus on time. saw ming's cousin's twin on the bus (I swear, he looked just like him.) and then got off at city, forgot where the library was, txted tian and then suddenly remembered, and quickly txted a 'nevermind' to him only to get the mocking 'LOL.' txt in return. =.=

I recognised ming by his trademark slouch + vacuumed mohawk.

then we went to the pool place and found out that it didn't open until 11. so we wasted 2 hours by buying mrs higgin's cookies and sitting down for a while, then going to arcade where we watched jamie fail at rhythm games and eventually left again to go to somewhere else which I have forgotten about at the moment sry.

then finally when it was 11 we went to pool and had the most lol-worthy time (: man my breaking is awesome. jump the white ball OVER the rest of them and then have it fly off the table by hitting it with the stick while in mid air. ahhh geez, good times. ming and I still won 3-2 tho. (: yaaay.

went to lunch at some jap restaurant where I spent 15 bucks on a lunch box. ming didn't know what sashimi was ahahahaha =D too much time spent at home on dota.

after that we were gonna go see movie but the only good thing was quarantine which is R16 and ming and I are still too young. so we ended up going to the netcafe and I ended up watching those 3 play dota, because I fail.

then we came home. yaaaay home. .....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

nothing else to talk about. I need to go and stitch pigs...
omfg kumon tomorrow lolll def. not gonna finish K this year.

Sungha Jung


this guy is amazing. prodigy (: ahhh koreans and their music. he started guitar when he was 9 and is 13 at the moment. I think this video was taken when he was about 10-11. The piece they're playing is a cover of Canon D on guitar arranged by Trace Bundy (the guy on the left) so as you can see he got to meet his role model (: awww an inspirational story for us all.

youtube page: feel free to visit. support him cuz he will be HUGE in the future 8D

apart from this, I can also talk about school etc but you know what I cbs atm so I'll do it later. maybe after I go out today (:

SUMMAR. &teeth?


OMFG i just realised that 1 year ago today I was in wellington 8D ahhh geez I was smart back then. now im just useless.. and HAHA I just read it. man I just remembered that hot guy on the plane ;D

it's summmmerrr. the weather is really hot >> today I remembered to go to my dentist appointment. It took like 45 mins to do whatever they did (not sure what, but I can feel the dif). It was quite interesting. Didn't feel like 45 mins at all. The nurse assistant lady was telling a story about his son who I gathered was about y7 or 8. Apparently the other day when he was at his friend Liam's house and his mum picked him up he was like "Mummm can I go to Liam's house on Friday as well?" and mum said 'No. There's not point I get off work early on Fridays.' "Pleaaaaaaassssseeeeeeeeeeee?!?!"
'No! Why do you want to go so bad?'
"Liam has sky tv and I want to watch a programme."
'That's ridiculous you're not going just to watch tv'
"Okay then, can I go to Max's?"
'No! Can we stop talking about this?'
So the mum was curious about why he really wanted to go so bad (because her motherly intuition told her that tv programmes couldnt be THAT interesting). And she found that in fact the 3 boys had arranged to meet some girls down the road for a triple date. LOL so much effort to cover up a date. You would expect it from an asian kid. But the mother let him go in the end =P so cute.

Now see if that had been an asian family the mother would've killed the kid and moved him to a single sex school. Yet then later when he turns out gay the mother will cry and be angry even tho it was her who inflicted it on him. (generalisations, yes. but really, so many asian mothers are anti-gay it's ridiculous. yet they don't want their sons to have a social life either. so hypocritical..)

yeah. that was my retelling of a story for the day. anyway, during my procedure my mum txted me going 'are you home yet?' so I replied with 'No I'm at dentist right now.' Then I started to walk home. On my way back, my mum txted me going 'Ok dad will pick you up.' So I'm thinking, alright... better go back to the dentist then. And then when I do my mum txts me again going 'Start walking home he'll meet you on the way back.' @____@ geez. I walked in a complete circle. and it was sooo hotttt...

But that's okay. Being out of infatuation is good, you notice all the good things in other guys as well (: I saw a cute guy doing painting on one of the houses as I walked past and choked my spit. LOL. I'm a retard, sorry. He was white. Aren't you proud laina? =P but still later on I saw this other asian guy doing some work on rebecca's house (unless they moved) and he was ok-looking but he kept staring at me which was... iono o.o weird lol. I thot I had stuff on my face >< maybe I'll walk home that way again some time to see the cute painting guy ~~

bleh it's too hot to type any more, I'll post again either later or another day.

BRUISE. + random little mini rants about nothing in particular


The above is the result of me KICKING MYSELF in PE this morning. omfg how noob can you get? + there's a blister UNDER the foot ahahah school shoes are so uncomfortable.

yeah life's been boring. I'm so tired from badminton today. But it's good when you're tired, it distracts you. (: good way to pass time. 这样就不需要想到〈他〉的事了。was driving me up the wall yesterday. but now it's ok... im not going to think about it anymore. waste of my time.

everyone is having so much drama in their life... lately... ok probably not. but still, makes life a bit more interesting. maybe having something to think over will help the next 2 weeks pass by faster. everyone moves on... time won't stop flowing. sometime's its just a matter of it flowing too fast when you want things to last, and flowing too slowly when you want things to pass. (hey it rhymes haha)

yes, I'm trying to think of something to type. this way I can put off doing those ab exercises for another few mins (gahhhh my flab hurtsss)

haha I just read laina's recent blog entries. do you know, I have a sock tan and underneath it I have a sandal tan developing. Also, I have a shorts tan above my knees hahahaha I'm so pasty above the knees XD

oh and fyi steph im not being emo about there being 2 weeks of school left D: I just wish it would go already cuz it seems like im wasting time. Like, I feel like I could be at home achieving so much more >>; like those pigs... and those sketches... pshhh. (一说到画我又想到他了。 很烦。。。)

captain underpants and the preposterous plight of the purple potty people are pretty cool. /end 'rant'

oh yeah. finished watching 10 things I hate about you in Eng today. don't you find how the cutest couples always start off hating each other =D waaahh so perfect for each other. honestly whenever I watch a tv series/drama I always notice the male and female who have tension between them, and I think "they'd make a good couple." and you know what? it usually happens. pretty skilled. apart from the whole draco hermione thing. but w/e I refuse to accept jk's mary sue generic fanfic style ending.

laina and steph want me to rant about them.. ok =P wellllll, where to start. u two fill my life with randomness and in steph's case extreme sarcasm that I don't always get (or at least misinterpret, because I am deaf). I'm pretty sure you guys have changed who I am or at least how I think about things. You guys make the best cookies. I make the best mess in the kitchen by tipping cocoa over my socks. ...We make a great team. I can say that our meeting was all by pure coincidence. If laina didn't have a last name starting with Y we might not even have met. (science class was ordered alphabetically by last name) and even now I would have no idea what E=MC^2 means. ....actually I can't remember, something to do with speed of light. and steph, if she hadn't been at that ICT place at the same time as me, or hadn't been sitting next to me when they told us to introduce ourselves, we would never have met either. well we would've but I would have felt no obligation to talk to you since I hadn't met you before. It's amazing how much of our lives and relationships are run by pure coincidence. this is why the religion i feel most inclined towards is taoism. but there are still things I disagree about. I don't like the idea of limiting yourself to 1 religion. blinding yourself from other possibilities that may exist. hm. (OK GOT REALLY OFF TOPIC THERE SRRY GUYS). back onto the 'rant'... errr nothing else to say really. ilyguys (:

thats all. yay I balanced my blog out.
....time for ab exercises.