social social social

we didn't even take any pics this year steph =P

anyway it was awesome X3 way more people than last year (not that steph would know the difference) and the insane staff put the heaters in the hall on. We were cooking alive I tell you, it was terrible. And they ran out of water lololol i bet that was their plan all along to make people pay for it...

aside from that it was way better than last years. there was like 1 slow song and the rest were just for jumping hahah. i overheard someone say 'this social is like for jumping not for dancing' true true. good for me who can't dance but knows how to jump (:

omfg i saw tony from china camp but i didnt recognise him cuz hes so tall now >< what happened to midget tony?! i feel bad cuz he remembers me but i didnt recognise him D: lots of dancing between james' friends and yuj ji and eunji (:

so anyway, if u missed it ur an ass and im going to ignore you from now on |: (maybe not but u get the picture. i am actually very upset. but we made it fun without you guys ok D< but im still mad at you. expect me to be emo when u bring it up)

last social til ball~ y10 is like last year of anything... no qualifications, mathex, socials... im feeling old now. realistically theres only 1 term left til we're all y11....

cant wait for china. last official post for a month when im at camp~ write to me ^^


steph said...

Lol good to know you had a good time - I don't doubt that you had a good time without me. Actually I reckon it was better without me there cos I'd just bitch and complain :)

I don't expect the emo - I have encountered the emo you nubface. You know what would be hilariously funny on my part? If we ended up in the same house for a month. LOLS.