my tabletennis adventure + olympics~

ok so tonight I actually didn't have a badminton game but I went anyway cuz I was GONNA get silk road from erike (except she forgot it... again D:) and since I didn't have to play I planned to go to the tabletennis hall to see karl and clark who i haven't seen in agesss (: & so I went~

the first thing I noticed was how everything was so BRIGHT. there are like 3 times the amount of lights in the tabletennis hall compared in the badminton hall. and it was bigger than I thought it would be~ it's definitely bigger than it looks on the outside. Then I noticed the actual tabletennis tables. they're sectioned off with huge space around the tables (you need to go to actually get what I mean). so like I sat down and started to watch what i later found out were the 'pros'.

geez I never knew tabletennis could be played like that. even the serves look complicated and pro~~ whenever I thought of tabletennis before I always got this vision of old people hitting it with a rhythm like tock, tock, tock... it's not the case. the player runs far back and all around the table to receive the ball, it's fast and furious =P and some of the players have this habit of lunging to get the ball so every 2 secs you hear this huge STOMP as they put all their weight on one foot. at first I had so much trouble keeping up >< it's so addicting to watch...

so then I ran into karl and clark and yeah I tried to be educated a little into tabletennis which helped me understand what was going on a bit better. (I'm so noob.) karl's still not taller than me (:

and then I followed them to the place where the uhh.. non-pros play? rofl not that I could tell the difference but the 'pros' definitely had more elegance in their play. (it's like badminton, you can tell who's good cuz of the stances etc.)

I got scolded twice for not picking up the ball when it bounced towards me (NOT MY FAULT ok i tried to stop it but it ended up rolling further cuz I only changed the direction) by the same guy ==; I'm sure that like 1/2 the energy of players is used to chase after the ball. It's so tiny and light and goddamn bouncy it's hard to control it (but I saw most people handle them with such professionalism. like it's on the floor and they smack it with their bat and it bounces up and they get it with their bat again and then catch it). there was this one guy who was running around cuz he lost a ball. haha I laughed.

so yeah that was my tabletennis experience. well, it was fun for me to see karl and clark again but I think I also gained a new respect for a sport I didn't know anything about before ^^ but I still don't know much about it so I'll learn more gradually I guess.

on a side note, happy 8/8/08 and olympics opening~ I'm gonna get my dad to record the badminton if I'm at camp. neeshah is obsessed with roger federer. wonder who'll win the olympics this time. probably like usa or china I guess. |: only cuz china is gonna try hardcore to get all the gold since it's in our country and all. but the usa athletes are like pro as so... not sure ^^ what do you all think? anyway that's all for now I guess I can't be bothered writing more. pretty tired after today...


steph said...

Shame Karl you're shorter than Winnae (: Lalala. That is all.

BernaeeeeLa~~~ said...

Lol I <3 table tennis!

I used ta learn .... cos I would like steal my bro's lesson and then I would beat him. =DDD

we should so play woonae!
I want to smash your nose~!!! =DD
Just Kidding. XDDD
but It would be fun to aim with a pingPong ball ....