mathex + stuff

today was mathex~~ like the last mathex ever D: I'm so sad right now lol i'll probably never go asb stadium again.

...moment of silence...

lol im gonna miss it ): its so fun. i think tonight was like the funnest time i've had for a long time... I still feel like a pedo tho siiiigh. Why do y9 guys have to be so cute. it's like when they grow up they get uglier or something D: unless they turn out hot. buut asD:FJASKD:LFJASDd STOP THINKING ABOUT THAT

I saw some ok-looking ones tho ^^~

Karl's just sad to me lol i waved to him while we were down in the comp thing after it ended but he didn't see me. but thats ok cuz I saw lots of other people as well~ like catherine and nina and ella =P and I met lingling who doesn't even remember me even though I went to her primary school... sigh I'm just too stealthy haha xP

And then, when I came home, I had to finish my english essay. geez teachers have no mercy... even tho so much stuff was this week and we're going camp on sunday. aaaaaaaaaaa.

well apart from me being emo over never going to mathex and pedo-ing over y9s again, we went to rainbows end yesterday~~~ it was my first time (yeah everyone was like wtf) so I ran around with shuhua everywhere going on all the rides.

I was so scared that the safety thing was gonna come off in the power surge. geez I don't think my head has been that sdlkfajq29awpeisdgjsfd in a long time.

roller coaster was awesome. went on it twice~ sucks for everyone who missed it though (they have spastic timetables I swear).

I'm so tired. but I figured that I might as well update now otherwise I'll forget to later and then it'll look like I died again or something since I'm going camp on sunday.

IF U SEE THIS WRITE TO ME. I doubt it lol steph and bernie are the only ones who read this.

kk thats all. im gonna miss mathex. ):
night bloggers~

dammit must remember to transfer steelies to yujie's account on ms


Captain Barnaby said...


I'm bored.
I miss you.

I'm sorry I only wrote to you once.. . . . .

I had stupid exams.

But yeas.
You don't realise what you have till it's gone . . . .

Yea. So come back quickly!

I miss you.


Lol yeas. I'm in humanities. And I can't write on my blog, cos I don't really want to.