Align Leftposters... bottom left:renji (triggermann)

bottom right: ichigo vs ryuk (jerry)

top right: 'big enough for both of us' (emila) so cutee~~

bookmarks and business cards lool. by tammy, jerry, sherry, steven from nexus vii did the soul eater bookmark and canidae did the awesome penguin on bear bookmark which I now love =D and a print of one of kaze-hime's arts but that's old lol :|

Artbooks... clockwise from top left: in a few words by hiyaku studio, engage by hiyaku studio, anthology by amanda and kaylee, biohazard by claire and Jpac by jerry (aka jpac rofl)

I also got 2 pins of neku (From amanda) and ichigo (from kaylee) but I forgot to take a photo so yeah :) anyway it was super fun ^^ even though I was a customer and I was only there for about 2 hours with rui. I might be selling next year so everyone should come ^^ and since I'm so nice, I'm going to provide everyone with bags to store their goods and provide rubber bands for bigger posters. Do you know why? because today, I had to run around asking all the exhibitors for a plastic bag until I finally got one for free from the nice guy at the manga stand. and then I found that rui's poster was getting crushed cuz it wasn't rolled up, so we walked all the way to westfield and then they said they don't sell rubber bandssssss. So I had to spend 2 bucks on a pack of hairties which I can never use since my hair is short. sigh... it was a good experience to run around anyway ^^ made everything more fun for me lol is that normal?

I felt so sorry for some of the artists who weren't being crowded around though. this was this one poor guy who I looked through the folder of and he was like 'thank you~' with this begging look in his eyes as if to say 'support me~ buy something~ i'm poor~ feel sorry for me~' ):

I spent over 50 dollars today. T_T my poor wallet. I even paid for lunch so that didn't really help... sigh. another incentive to go sell next year so I can use my profits to buy other's arts. or print-swap :D lool as if my art is even worth any money.

so anyway~ ty to all the exhibitors who were nice to me and stuff you to all the exhibitors who were mean to me (no i'm jk all the exhibitors were nice XD) especially to that nice guy that was managing j-pac's stand who gave me a discount because someone ran off with my reserved print? ahahaha he was gonna give me extra change (I paid $10 and he was gonna give me $14 change) but since I'm nice and I don't take advantage of people like that I pointed it out :) aren't I nice guys? that's right don't think I'm mean to people all the time (with the exception of steph of course lolol)

kk that's all to report really haha ^^; til next time, cyu bloggers~


Zeb said...

Whoo hoo!! Glad you had a good time :)
This is Zeb on the GNC forums, and I'll be blogging about DO on my anime blog tomorrow XD
Too tierd and hyped to write anything coherent, and I have a LOT of stuff to scan @_@

Looking forward to coming to your table next year!

Steven Lin said...

Hihi, this is Steven from NexusVII

Awesomes, you bought my Eruka bookmark XD; the one, I spent the longest on.. =O=! Thanks for the support :)

Win said...

waaaah doujin overload!! x333!!!

steph the abuse victim said...

THAT'S RIGHT DAMNIT YOU IS MEAN TO STEPH ;__; Lol though I can't say much cos I just retaliate via food deprivation, slapping and verbal abuse - I'm nice too!