Eric, Death and Beautiful People

(: look how sexy eric is now.

Hm not much to say after all this time... our lives are so boring, nothing ever happens (with the exception of yujie really lol and her secretive txting)...

I was in art today and I had this sudden revelation that I'm gonna die one day. And I'll never be able to see the world we have now, and I'll be brain dead. After everything happens... graduation from high school, graduation from uni, entering the adult work force, retirement... nothing after that. I can barely imagine closing my eyes and having no thoughts, and not knowing that I have no thoughts. Death is like a paradox I guess... people say that whatever you believe in, you will get it after death. But after death, if it's only all science and there is no heaven, it won't matter what you believe in because you're.. well, your brain is no longer processing so how can you possibly think? Gosh how morbid. Left me depressed all lesson.

And UGHHHH KIDSSSSS. At badminton:
'I think -name- likes -name2-... -giggle giggle-" Okay this I can understand, since it's so obvious... but then they had the nerve to add
"-name2- is ugly though... well that's what I think. Ew."
What a sad, superficial world we live in. You should not like someone because they are pretty or hot. You should not hate someone because they are 'ugly'. In addition to this, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even if the rest of the world thinks you're hideous, but one person sees you as perfect and beautiful, you will always be beautiful to them, no matter what anyone else thinks. What that person said pissed me off because it's so shallow. If you only like someone because you think they're goodlooking, or you only hate someone because you think they're ugly, it's not you liking/hating them at all, it's just you being judgmental and stupid. It's not like we can control what we look like; don't you think everyone would look perfect if we could? If you hate someone because you think they're ugly, then you're basically hating on them for no reason apart from their looks. It's no difference from sexism or racism: the person cannot control that part of themself. IT'S JUST THE WAY THEY ARE. Imagine a scenario: You've found your life partner, you're in love. Would it make a difference if they were the hottest thing on earth or if they were the ugliest? Love is blind; we should not judge others and make decisions about our feelings about them based solely on their appearance. In the same way, it is not fair to laugh at someone or condemn them because of their natural genetic looks. One day some smarter, more educated person will realise this and you will be sorry. It'll be known as something like beautism: Having favour for the beautiful, on the same scale as sexism and racism. In other words, it's bullshit.

Ok rant over I am calm -breathes-
cyu bloggers =.=


steph said...

Whoa very deep revelation there. But yeah. Scares the hell outta me.

And the whole beauty thing. Yeah it's true but it won't stop people from being judgemental about it because it's just how we are as people. Dunno, hopefully everyone will find someone else who doesn't think in that away about them but who knows? My title IS spinster lol.

Wow your blog is all deep and philosphically and stuff... mine is idle random crap.

Captain Barnaby said...

Lol who said that?!!!