the best and worst things

Do you know what the best feeling is? When you're angry, or frustrated, or just hyper and have too much energy, and you go and do something with it. It feels great, endlessly smashing the shuttle over the net and hearing the satisfying crack of the floor colliding with the cork. Or sprinting in a straight line feeling the rhythm of your feet pushing off the solid ground... And then using all that energy so that you're completely numb afterwards. It's the best feeling.

And do you know what the worst feeling is? Getting up the next morning when you have school. I really shouldn't have vented my frustration like that, I was so tired this morning...

So anyway 5/6 of exam results are back
4xE for French
2xE for Science
1xE+ for Art (:
2xE for Social Studies
3xE for Maths

hopefully my english results don't screw me over again. but we won't get them til next week so I have other stuff to worry about until then.

hm yeah well I hope everyone's having fun and stuff. My boring life just doesn't compare.... btw added a jukebox on the side, not sure if it works and it's 2xasian songs and an instrumental.
cya bloggers.


steph said...

Wow Winnae that whole baddy best feeling in the world stuff was all poetic and lyrical lols. OMFG I HATE YOUS WINNAE. ALL E'S OR E+... Just reminds me how much I suck D:

steph said...

Oh and just to let you know, da jukebox works - the instrumental song is purty :)