This is my kumon. (And my desk lolol)

Can you see? I finished sorting it (: the one on the left is the I pile and the one on the right is the unfinished J pile. It's all nice and in order. Too bad I'm still not up to date orz.

Kids are funny~~ I went to kumon yesterday and while waiting for my brother to finish this canto dad brought in his like... 4 year old daughter to do english. And the indian helper sat next to her and tried to get to her to read to her, but the little girl refused to do it XD and the dad was like trying to get her to read... "dook bei je je tang la..." etcetc. and she just kept shaking her head... and then like 20 mins later when the supervisor took the indian helper to do something else this south east asian helper stepped in to help the little girl and like.. she just did it. man, racist children XD

exams are next week~! must study hard to achieve the best I possibly can /quotes
mm hopefully I can get all Es but I know that I will probably make stupid mistake and miss it.

I need to make a to do list:
- tidy desk
- tidy wardrobe
- finish mothers day drawing LOL
- reorganise shelves
- do kumon
- practise piano
- study for french, english and science

T__T too busy... not much drama in my life lately apart from realising i have so much to do >.< I don't want business drama, I want interesting drama ... there's nothing to blog about if the only thing happening in my life is me being busy lol.

anyway comment plz. cyu bloggers~


Captain Barnaby said...

lol Good Luck!
Damn .... my baddy coach scheduled a stupid training thing!
So my whole queens birthday holiday is like ... gone.
If you have time. ... come visit me on a tuesday or something.
Cos you guys finish at like 3 ... and I finish at like 3:15

I can finally reply my bebo comments