This is my kumon. (And my desk lolol)

Can you see? I finished sorting it (: the one on the left is the I pile and the one on the right is the unfinished J pile. It's all nice and in order. Too bad I'm still not up to date orz.

Kids are funny~~ I went to kumon yesterday and while waiting for my brother to finish this canto dad brought in his like... 4 year old daughter to do english. And the indian helper sat next to her and tried to get to her to read to her, but the little girl refused to do it XD and the dad was like trying to get her to read... "dook bei je je tang la..." etcetc. and she just kept shaking her head... and then like 20 mins later when the supervisor took the indian helper to do something else this south east asian helper stepped in to help the little girl and like.. she just did it. man, racist children XD

exams are next week~! must study hard to achieve the best I possibly can /quotes
mm hopefully I can get all Es but I know that I will probably make stupid mistake and miss it.

I need to make a to do list:
- tidy desk
- tidy wardrobe
- finish mothers day drawing LOL
- reorganise shelves
- do kumon
- practise piano
- study for french, english and science

T__T too busy... not much drama in my life lately apart from realising i have so much to do >.< I don't want business drama, I want interesting drama ... there's nothing to blog about if the only thing happening in my life is me being busy lol.

anyway comment plz. cyu bloggers~

2 days of school and already bored.


Poser photos bernie style with funky effects =) nike tick~~ (do u see the squirrel i drew (: isn't it pretty? even though half the head is chopped off.)

omfg so I had badminton after school today and I friggin left my school shoes in the changing room because I'm a forgetful idiot. So I need to go and get them back asap tomorrow and I have to wear my pe shoes to school i guess lol... why am I so stupid? My mum said that noone would want to steal my shoes cuz they're old and dirty, and I never polish them. AND she said that they were too small for anyone else anyway. ==; sad but true...

So after 2 days of school of term 2 I'm already waiting on the holidays to roll by. 8 weeks and 2 days to go! Can't believe I have 6 exams in week 4 when laina has 4. ==; And all the other ppl who take business/tech have 5... But well, if in the end of year exams they get tested on the whole years work...
laina's screwed. ^^

but knowing laina she'll cram study 10 mins before exam and come out with all excellences... cramming genius?

You know those social studies essays we had before school ended last term? Well, I got excellence and teacher said that too many people failed so we all had to redo the essay. And she said that people who got excellence had to write about the other subject. WTF? I got excellence and I'm being 'rewarded' with another essay... >>; piss me off.

My brain is still in holiday mode. I couldn't even work out the month this morning. At first I thought it was March but then I became convinced that it was August. omfg what's wrong with me...

Hahaha I went to dinner at chinese restaurant a couple of days ago and there were these 2 lil beijing kids (can tell by their accent) running around the place like a pair of mini rodgers on crack. With spiderman action figures... so disrupting for the rest of the diners. My mum was like, "Neither you or your brother used to be like that. You were both so obedient. And you'd never cry when we go shopping or ask for anything either... ah what lucky parents we are. :)" If I ever have kids, I'd want my kids to be like that... Man, those 2 kids knocked into a waitress and nearly caused her to spill the dish she was carrying. But she was a pro/skilled waitress so she saved it. The rest of the customers were all complaining about them and how loud they were ==; such naughty kids... my mum was like,"look, the adults are loud too. kids just learn from their parents..." (adults were having loud conversation from other side of the room and we could hear what they were talking about..)

Don't you think that kids these days are so much more carefree...? Looks like life is just getting easier and easier over time for kids. (comparing grandparents, parents, myself and the kids in the restaurant..)

Oh yeah, and bernie, I see what you mean when you say kids at badminton are stuck up... I don't like playing doubles anymore because for some reason I always get paired with someone better and they always blame we when we lose >>; And then they're all moody about it for ages... man, just a game... Up to now I think there's only been like 2 people I've played doubles with that haven't been like that...

lol and someone was like,"I may not have any friends at school, but I have heaps of badminton friends!!!" Sigh... one group of friends can't replace others.

Ok end of mini-rant. This was only supposed to be a short update lol XD too late I guess.
cyu bloggers~