beautiful piano playing & more

yiruma makes me cry a little on the inside ): I love his compositions. why are koreans all so good at piano -jealousy-

mm today I'm going city with lucy and some of her friends to the china supporting thingie? I have no idea what's going on since I don't watch the news (I know I should, but it's on during dinner time and dad doesn't let us watch tv while we're eating, not to mention tv's in the other room).

I'm so lazy. I'm sleeping for like 9 hours every night again. I need to pull myself back together and get back to 8 so I can get up when school starts.

It's 9am right now =3= it's raining outside. mannnnn... gonna have to wait for the bus in the rain? unless my parents agree to drop me off (unlikely). At least I got paid yesterday for vacuuming the hugeass thing you call my house. I need to stop spending money and save some so I don't become absolutely broke. Must have at least $300 before I start spending again ==;

Mum said she can hook me up with a part time job at fruit world when I turn 15. Dunno how I feel about that... I mean I hate fruit after all. Being around them all day might make me delirious. But well it's better than nothing. Hopefully when I get to like y12 or something I can do tutoring. Better pay & less work lol. But who would come to me for tutoring rofl -useless at teaching- can't believe I used to want to be a teacher when I grow up.

More people need to start blogging sigh. Right now only us retarts. Let's make laina and them start blogging too. ...I don't think that will be successful. Laina's blogs will probably be all in chatspeak which steph can't read, and yuj will be too busy playing maplestory to update.

I've decided to like try and type out every blog entry I write into chinese. Except like... not this one, because it's too long and my chinese is too noob.. I feel bad whenever I'm at my friends' houses and they can speak chinese and all I can say is 'hi' etc to their parents. I can't even answer all of their questions properly. Like the only person who I've had not that much trouble with was Kelly's mum cuz she doesn't ask many questions and she speaks cantonese. Someone come talk to me on msn in chinese to force me to improve please!

anyway, I don't care if you 'leave a comment' for this blog on msn or not (steph) but I want you guys to comment on the actual blog too to make me seem like less of a loner plz lol. ahh... time for breakfast.

o yeah dresses:

I like the white one more ^^


steph said...

FIIINE WOMAN. MAKE ME POST COMMENTS. Lols. You went to the China protesty thing? Random o_o

Anywho... PRETTY DRESSES WINNAE. I like the white one with the black bow better. Other one is too sparkly but that's my retarded opinion lols. Pretty doggie. :P

Captain Barnaby said...


Can you make me a layoutttt?
lol i so agree with you bout the more bloggers thing.
What happened to connie's blog?

And I like the white and black dress better. XD. Where did you get?