lul my mum is a rebel

My mum is a nerdy rebel. XD okay so tonight was the st kents ib discussion/talk thing at their school and my mum was like 'lets go winnie :D' so i had to pretend that i knew exactly where we were going & who the people who said hi were. yup. hello there, man in a suit who I've never seen before but I'm supposed to know is a history teacher.

Yes, I seriously went with her. The talk was informative thx for asking, but HOLY HELL THEIR CHAPEL IS HUGE COMPARED TO OURS. and they have this awesome stained glass school emblem at the very front of the chapel. (isn't it sad that I was focusing more on the chapel than the talk lol)

Apparently St Kents' library is tiny. it's like one floor & the size of our junior library. I found that strange, seeing as how HUGELY GIGANTORMUNGOUS their school is.

the views are nice ^^

I was scared shitless that someone might recognize me & realise i didn't go to their school but it was mostly y11s there so none of them knew who I was haha...

my mum asked 'if anyone asks what your name is what will you say?' and I was like... "I'll say that I have a cousin who comes here and you're my auntie and you brought me because I wanted to learn about IB but my cousin had homework to do so he didn't come, and I don't know what to do if they ask who my cousin is"... and she was like 'lets just say his name is patrick. :)" look how much of a nerdy rebel my mum is. sheesh.

I have nothing else to say lul. my life is incredibly boring right now ): I have sh.loads of homework & OH MAN I DIDN'T DO MY KUMON AGAIN TODAY


Captain Barnaby said...

Lol why didn't you pretend to be STEPHAE.