my feet hurrrttt ):

I haven't played proper badminton for nearly a month. so like, when I played today I died. My feet hurt so badly right now I'm wondering why I haven't got any blisters and it hurts me to walk. GOD I am so unfit lol -has no willpower to exercise- And and and I was so crappy at badminton today & so tired after the warm up that I lost all my games except one (not including those doubles games I played with that pro guy cuz he won like 99% of the points). And I think the one I beat was losing on purpose to make me feel better ):

You know, I'm thinking that it might be my shoes being constrictive and too small for me. So tomorrow I'm gonna bring my massive as, makes-me-taller, loose shoes which will probably cause me to twist my ankle again. Aaaa the thought of more badminton makes my feet hurt even more T.T

Urg. School is so boring so far~~ art is ok i guess and french is fairly educational. science is annoying without a streamed class and questions every 5 seconds, but I'm still learning stuff. and then comes... maths. it was a pain in the ass last year with a streamed class but now that there aren't streamed classes it's indescribable. I feel like I could sleep through class, wake up and find that the class has made no progress that day.

OH MY GOD I JUST FOUND OUT THAT PAN MOVED SCHOOLS TO MT ROSKILL RANDOMLY. WTF? aaaaaaaaaa geeeeez I'll miss her~~ so last minute. It kind of confuses me why she would decide to change schools when it's her last year at high school anyway, but I guess she needed a change... T__________T I wanted to see her in y13 uniform -goes into corner-