i mean normally you'd think 'eh what's so good about it' but actually it was really fun when I went with friends. normally if you go with your parents it's not as fun, but in this case going with friends was actually like 132901 times better and more :D I went with yujie, lucy & cleo~~

all we did was basically walk around, take photos, watch firecrackers getting exploded, say hi to people we know and talkkkkk ^^ even though it was raining, it was the best time I've had in ages.

We all god free balloons when we were in the food place & yujie got a red envelope~ we were so excited cuz we thot there was money inside but it was just a christian recruiting thing =__= lame. then someone came and popped my balloon D: I saw Ruokai!! from china camp~ I didn't recognise him at all at first, all dressed up gangsta-like lol. but then he did his ruokai-eyeblinking-twitch thing and I was like 'yup thats definitely ruokai' :D aren't I great? in the middle of it all, me and yuj lost lucy and cleo, and while we were looking for them this random guy came up to us with this white coat and holding out a balloon saying "Do you believe in God?" and I was like... "umm.. yeah.. but im not christian." so then he said... "This balloon is God -offers it- if you take it, you will always have God by your side". I said sadly, "someone popped my God." he was like "wtf someone popped ur glock? ill be taking this back..." and then he took his God and walked away. oh yeah he also said he was spanish. i was like 'lol i dont care. :D'

in the last hour we took so many random photos. I had to duck because I looked so tall T.T & i would just like to say that my hair looks like crap on camera ):


your balloon said...

YOU LIE WOMAN. "Someone popped my God." Hilariously funny statement yes, but false statement? Also yes. I didn't pop and die D:

Je suis alive. Which makes this a resurrection??? xDDD