i mean normally you'd think 'eh what's so good about it' but actually it was really fun when I went with friends. normally if you go with your parents it's not as fun, but in this case going with friends was actually like 132901 times better and more :D I went with yujie, lucy & cleo~~

all we did was basically walk around, take photos, watch firecrackers getting exploded, say hi to people we know and talkkkkk ^^ even though it was raining, it was the best time I've had in ages.

We all god free balloons when we were in the food place & yujie got a red envelope~ we were so excited cuz we thot there was money inside but it was just a christian recruiting thing =__= lame. then someone came and popped my balloon D: I saw Ruokai!! from china camp~ I didn't recognise him at all at first, all dressed up gangsta-like lol. but then he did his ruokai-eyeblinking-twitch thing and I was like 'yup thats definitely ruokai' :D aren't I great? in the middle of it all, me and yuj lost lucy and cleo, and while we were looking for them this random guy came up to us with this white coat and holding out a balloon saying "Do you believe in God?" and I was like... "umm.. yeah.. but im not christian." so then he said... "This balloon is God -offers it- if you take it, you will always have God by your side". I said sadly, "someone popped my God." he was like "wtf someone popped ur glock? ill be taking this back..." and then he took his God and walked away. oh yeah he also said he was spanish. i was like 'lol i dont care. :D'

in the last hour we took so many random photos. I had to duck because I looked so tall T.T & i would just like to say that my hair looks like crap on camera ):

my feet hurrrttt ):


I haven't played proper badminton for nearly a month. so like, when I played today I died. My feet hurt so badly right now I'm wondering why I haven't got any blisters and it hurts me to walk. GOD I am so unfit lol -has no willpower to exercise- And and and I was so crappy at badminton today & so tired after the warm up that I lost all my games except one (not including those doubles games I played with that pro guy cuz he won like 99% of the points). And I think the one I beat was losing on purpose to make me feel better ):

You know, I'm thinking that it might be my shoes being constrictive and too small for me. So tomorrow I'm gonna bring my massive as, makes-me-taller, loose shoes which will probably cause me to twist my ankle again. Aaaa the thought of more badminton makes my feet hurt even more T.T

Urg. School is so boring so far~~ art is ok i guess and french is fairly educational. science is annoying without a streamed class and questions every 5 seconds, but I'm still learning stuff. and then comes... maths. it was a pain in the ass last year with a streamed class but now that there aren't streamed classes it's indescribable. I feel like I could sleep through class, wake up and find that the class has made no progress that day.

OH MY GOD I JUST FOUND OUT THAT PAN MOVED SCHOOLS TO MT ROSKILL RANDOMLY. WTF? aaaaaaaaaa geeeeez I'll miss her~~ so last minute. It kind of confuses me why she would decide to change schools when it's her last year at high school anyway, but I guess she needed a change... T__________T I wanted to see her in y13 uniform -goes into corner-



开始上学了。。。 T.T (我用中文打字真的很慢。。。 可是我的中文需要进步!)我已经知道RETARTS不会看中文。。。(OK有可能会看一些可是读也读得很慢,所以我认为他们不会读我写在这里的东西。) 我读中文都是读得很慢-我写完东西都不想读自己写了什么。中文字太小了。。。 一看就头疼。

ANYWAY啦,开学以后,我觉得天天都是上学-放学-回家-吃晚饭-睡觉。 没有什么有趣的东西。 天天都是一样。而且我的老师好像都比上年的不好。(对不起老师。就是说我去年的老师特别好。)啊。。。还有,我们这年要去KAHUNUI我就不可能考那个ICAS电脑。所以,这年也不可能去威灵顿了。(科学/数学这些都有那些PRO人在MACLEANS, 所以我一点都没有信心。)

哎呀没有什么别事情说了。 好了我去玩朋友借给我的PHOENIX WRIGHT:ACE ATTORNEY吧。



LOL ok I'll give you guys a translation cuz im so nice :) [I bet most of that chinese doesn't make sense anyway]

School's started... (I type chinese so slowly but oh well, I have to improve my chinese D<) Yes I already know that the retarts can't read chinese (well I think they can read a little bit but probably really slowly, so I don't think they will bother trying to read all this.) Even I read chinese slowly... after I write it I don't want to read it again. Chinese characters are so small... gives me a headache just seeing them.

Anyway, after starting school, I realise that every day is like go to school-finish school-come home-have dinner-sleep. there's nothing interesting happening at all. every day is the same. also, seems like this year my teachers aren't as good as last years (sorry teachers, that's just to say that last year I had great teachers I guess). Anddd, since this year we're going to Kahunui, I don't have a chance to that the ICAS computers test, and so I won't be going to wellington (wellington was fun ok, better than going to school anyway.) Since the science/maths tests have so many pro people from macleans etc, I don't have any confidence in that area at all.

Eh there's nothing else to say. I'll just go play Phoenix Wright:Ace Attorney, a DS game which my friend let me borrow. (Yes it's a lawyer game, it is so addictive I love it. If only real law was this fun lol).

...[actually I'm going to leave out this last line to avoid getting myself killed :)]