a not-so-emo first entry.


Bernie's posts are all sooooo emo.
Well actually whenever I update my blog(s) it's almost always an emo entry too haha... so I'm going to write a happy(?) blog entry to contrast Bernie's LONG AS EMO ONES.
not like anyone will even read this lol. but if you do feel free to leave an anonymous comment since I've got that enabled ^^

actually my life has been going good lately ^^ I haven't been feeling too depressed lately as I often used to. Maybe it's the holidays nearly here~! But still, I never like xmas since there's not much difference compared to the normal days of my life =/The reason I'm feeling happy is also kind of distantly related to X. but let's not get into that.

hm~ everyone is so hard to buy gifts for. Especially with that whole phone thing which made joy go all EMOOOOOOO and leave.

gosh... she didn't have to contribute if she didn't want to haha. well if it were me and I was saving up for my own phone I possibly wouldn't have contributed but I wouldn't have gone off on my own later. She already has access to a phone even if it's not her own... And especially since it's not even confirmed that we're doing it... but yeah, it's pretty gay if Steph's parents won't let her get a phone but her brother did. If all else fails we'll get it for her 14th birthday since I'm pretty sure her brother had his phone by the time he was 14. I don't think it's that she doesn't want one but she's nervous about her parents reactions lol. well that's the impression I get.

as for Kim, it's still that parent thing. I don't understand what is so bad about having a phone though. Sure there's that responsibility factor but they should have enough trust in their children to be sure they won't lose a phone which they never bought in the first place anyway. Also, I think my friends have enough mental intelligence to know when they're being txt bullied. I don't think any of them are insecure enough to let the things other people say affect them that deeply.

hahahaha yaaay I'm going wellington!! ^^ but that means I'm missing badminton on monday which is gay. unlike bernie I actually enjoy going to badminton lol~ it's a great way to kill an evening. (and ignore kumon)

which reminds me that I still have like 2 weeks of kumon to catch up on aha... .__. maybe I'll end up cramming it all lol... it's not very good for me eh.

and so concludes me not-so-emo blog entry which is less depressing to read than bernie's. :) hope you had fun er... reading this?
(god, who the hell would read up to here anyway)