Mrs Reid and the Lightbulb Adventure


BTW this is a dream.

It all started in the art department, which for some reason had my house on top of it. I was in my room and it was getting dark, and I tried to turn on the light but they wouldn't turn on. In fact all the rooms in the house had bulbs that wouldn't turn on and for some reason MKD said it's cos all the light bulbs are blown, so I need to go out to get some more. At this moment Mrs Reid walks thru the art dept and she's like "come with me I have something to show you" and MKD was like "can you give her some extra lightbulbs on your way" so we set off on our adventure ....

turns out all she wanted to show me was these new cups and water cooler in the school atrium. there was this other group of y13s there as well, and some of them were like involved with a photoshoot for school magazine, and it was like a model shoot LOL, there was one where Mrs Reid and Kim were like posing in a tree, and while we walked past the robertson building I saw Miss Clark (the year 7 teacher with the white hair) climbing up the tree with her whole y7 class looking from below making sure she doesn't fall hahahaahahah

Then when we were in the atrium she asked us if we would do the shoot again next year, and Kim was like "but I'll be with my brother in university" and someone else said "and I'll be buying diamonds and pearls and getting married to my rich husband" and Mrs Reid was like "what! we can't lose you to men" and the girl replied "i don't know then, you should've known when, you decided to use for this photoshoot year thirTENS." guys I make poems in my DREAMS. HOW EPIC AM I.

So anyway after that we went to see the year 7 and 8 french lunch or something (which is not even a real event at school), and someone had written "WELCOME TO FRANCH" above the glass doors going out of robertson next to the conference room next to the hall. nobody except me noticed that they misspelt "france" ... or maybe it was meant to be like that?

Anyway they had STYROFOAMED THE ENTIRE HALL, like outside it was just an extra coating of styrofoam in the same shape, so that the hall looked exactly the same except fatter and made out of styrofoam. I was like "what happened here" and mrs reid said "it's so that the children don't break the hall." LOL. We walked in and it was like how the tables are set up in King's College's dining hall, rows and rows of rectangular tables with like 10 seats around them. Kings boys were there as well. I had no idea that we had that many year 7s and 8s at our school hahaahahaha. Some of them were wearing wizard hats. I remember looking down and I was wearing my gold nikes.

After that we exited the hall and Mrs Reid was like "well I have a meeting now so I'll have to go back, I guess you should all go to your classes" or something along those lines, but we STILL HADN'T GOTTEN LIGHTBULBS so I was like "but I still need to get lightbulbs!" she didn't say anything and just walked off. At this moment I saw a flying slowpoke (the pokemon) and I decided to chase it. there were speed bars next to it like in a racing game. IT WAS GOING AT 140KM/H. I was just running after it, and when I did 2 more popped up, green and blue (the first one was the normal pink colour). I had to run faster, but I got that feeling you get in dreams when no matter how hard you try you feel like you're going really slow, but the speedbar said we were going at 207KM/H.......

anyway I ended up chasing them to this beach and they disappeared in to the grass, and I could see the art dept/my house on the other side of the bay, but I was tired from running, so I sat down, and there was a meowth there with all his meowth friends making chocolate money. I asked if I could have some and he threw me a gold 50c and a silver 50c. I ate the silver 50c and left the other one for my friend who was next to me suddenly for some reason (and I'm not sure who it was either).

And then randomly I woke up. Yup that's all haha.

why I want to be a weed-like flower


Flowers are pretty. The gentle curve of the delicate petals that unfold to reveal its modest heart, flamboyant but fragile, beautiful and symbolic of an upper-class, expensive sophistication. A girl wears them in her hair, ties them into chains around her wrists, eagerly waits for a bouquet of a dozen red roses on Valentine's Day; flowers are indeed nature's jewels.

By contrast, weeds are ugly, and grow everywhere. No matter how much you try to get rid of them, they come back, persistently annoying. Weeds adapt to survive. They are not concerned with superficiality or prettiness; the innate goal is to simply thrive.

So the question is, would you rather be a flower, or a weed? To be a flower would be to stand as the tall poppy, beautiful, rare, sophisticated, better. Yet to be just a flower is to accept that you will be picked for your beauty, used for your assets and thrown away once you start to wilt. It's somewhat ironic that couples give each other flowers to show their love I suppose:

Roses only last like a couple weeks, and they really only exist to be pretty. That's like saying "my love for you is transitory and based solely on your appearance!"(, IronChef Foicite)
To be a weed would be to be able to adapt in any situation, but never be noticed for your assets. Versatile, but never noticed; sometimes even annoying people because you tend to be everywhere. But, no matter how much they try to get rid of you, you'll live on.

However, despite the common thought that weeds are ugly, flowers such as dandelions or daisies can sometimes be considered to be weeds because they tend to crop up and grow in places where they are not wanted. However, from this we can say that sometimes weeds are not ugly -- because flowers are pretty, right?

"To thy fair flower add the rank smell of weeds: But why thy odour matcheth not thy show, The soil is this, that thou dost common grow." (William Shakespeare)
Shakespeare agrees that in the same soil, both flowers and weeds will grow. I think this extends to the soil of our lives; we all have a bit of flower and weed in all of us. It's just important to accept both sides.

That's why, after thinking about it for a while, I decided that I would be a weed-like flower, so that even if I'm annoyingly adaptive and versatile, people will still love me because I'm awesome. I think it's important to be robust like a weed, yet make sure your abilities and potential are noticed like a flower. For example, if I were a dandelion, people could blow me apart but I'd always float peacefully on and land safely to grow again, bigger and better. And if I were a daisy, I'd be content that I'd be everywhere for people to pick and tie into chains for their wrists, so it's like I could be reassuringly holding their hand all the time, no matter where in the world they are. :)
Actually, it doesn't matter if you want me to be your daisy or not, if you see me as a flower or a weed. I hope to be a bit of both, and if you ever need a chain to be around your wrist I just want you to know that I'll be around, where ever you may be.




Ok gonna make this one short and sweet. Overall enjoyed the movie. I went into it expecting explosions and action, and I got explosions and action. Michael Bay knows what he's good at and I applaud him for making yet another visually stunning film. However I acknowledge there are things wrong with this movie:

1) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I accept that opinions will be divided but to me she's just not suited to the role. I found her annoying in scenes where she was being whiny and overall just a boring ass character who was obviously there to look hot. I mean come on, the 10 second scene where she's just standing there while explosions are going on behind her? Megan Fox was a better actress and filled the role better. I felt she had more offer in terms of plot and the dangerously-sexy character. Megan Fox can have dirt on her face and mud on her clothes and still look hot. Ok I acknowledge Fox stepped way out of line which is why she was taken off the franchise, which is unfortunate because Rosie Huntington was just too perfect through the entire film; her white blazer was still pristine by the end! WTF?! She looked like a Victoria's Secret model because that's just what she is. Her accent was distracting and her lines were boring; it's extremely obvious that an actress was replaced by an inferior model. Well that's just my opinion.

2) Slow beginning. I get that he was trying to set up the story but tbh I went in wanting explosions and didn't care so much for the story and felt the prelude was just a littleeee long. This also caused problems later on with the flow of the plot because it seemed that he needed to cram a lot more in a smaller due to what was sacrificed for the longer introduction.

3) Action scene flow. I agree with many here in that the ending was a little disappointing. The last action scene seemed to be just of OP (optimus prime.. who is also overpowered HAHAHAHA get it?!?!?) taking down Sentinel and Megatron. The whole thing lasted less than 30 seconds. I think in films action scenes are supposed to get bigger and bigger (moviemaking 101?) and imo it wasn't the best scene to end with, there were much better scenes in the movie. Maybe it was just to have it wind down a little? It was also kind of an abrupt ending, somewhat anticlimactic and seemed rushed. This may have been due to them not wanting it to drag on for too long but I think the pacing of the movie WAS a little weird (probably due to the long as introduction I talked about earlier) For me the best action scene was probably the one with shockwave going through the building. The animation on that thing was just amazing, it's a pity they let him die off so easily ):

4(?) is this a minus point?)The chances of a sequel???? I just feel that with so many characters dead the possibility of a 4th movie is slim. Although this is perhaps for the best because I DO NOT want Rosie Huntington in another transformers movie.

Despite all these though I enjoyed the film overall, I got what I wanted going in, lots of explosions, lots of awesome robots and cars, which is about as much as I can ask for from an action film. The dialogue was funnier than I expected, there were a lot of laugh out loud moments (although disappointing that Ken Jeong's character got killed off so early, his character was great comic relief). Animation was amazing as usual, music was good (well I may be biased cos im a LP fan). I'm happy with it :) I'd give it about a 7/10.