Friends are like numbers

Today my friend and I thought of something ingenious: Friends are like numbers. Once you get past the initial reaction of OMG YOU GUYS ARE SUCH NERDSSSS, let me elaborate because maths is actually surprisingly very applicable to social relationships and humans in general.

There are sooooo many people in the world that you can make friends with. So many that it seems like there are an infinite number... there are rational people and irrational people... simple people and complex people, odd people, positive people and negative people... you get people who like to eat pie and end up a bit more round, like pi, and the thinner, more eccentric people... and there are people who are mysterious and no one really knows what they're up to, like e. Sometimes you might meet acute guy or girl, although they may turn out to be more obtuse than you thought. But it's perfect when you get it just right.

When it comes to women, some are more curvy than others. When it comes to men, some are more straight than others.

There might be someone who is exactly like you, but you travel in parallel directions and don't take the time to look around; as a consequence, you never actually meet... Opposites attract.

Once you get to know someone well enough, you might memorise their digits ;)

There are roots to every friendship... usually they're positive, but the more you try to remember the roots of a negative friendship, the more imaginary the beginning seems to have been...

You can have real friends and imaginary friends, some friends are natural, some friends are complementary. Some friends are absolute, and having friends like those makes you feel positive... whereas others are variable. There are lines (asymptotes) that shouldn't be crossed in any friendship. Relationships have highs and lows, like a sin or cos graph, and differences between friends can cause a friendship to diminish to nothing... or take a turn for the negative. Complex friendships have more arguments.

It takes two to form a friendship, and 2 is <3 :)
& btw... you're my number 1.


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omg like like like like
this is so cute!

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haha i felt so good when i got all the maths jokes :)