Olivia says hi.

God I'm bored. ...I should probably be studying but I really, really can't be bothered, especially considering the psycho people still haven't gone into their exam and I still have 2 hours after they go. lalalalalalallalalallalalalalaa. I made some notes yesterday on nuclear and waves anyway :] so only really have to skim over those + learn 35 pages of mechanics. Mechanics is worth a lot of credits I think, so better not stuff that up.

Liv's laptop is terribly beaten up and I feel a bit sorry for it. D: Poor laptop. She said the laptop is a piece of crap and it deserves it. CRUELTY AGAINST TECHNOLOGY! "It breaks itself" .... .... .... yes....

I have nothing to say. I am going to talk about the statue of the queen with the birds in the atrium. Apparently it is a queen. I didn't know that before. She is very grey and very still. I think she is made of metal. the iron woman. She has a roman nose. And intense cleavage. Actually Liv is explaining all this to me because I can't actually see it as a post is in the way. Mrs Rodgers just walked into the room. She is not smiling as usual. She smiles as she passes a colleague. Eden is crying and talking about rewarding rats. I am still bored. There are no chips left.

there is a cat looking through a fishbowl on the cover of our light and waves notes. incidentally one of my friends got a cat and a bird for her 13th birthday. a few months later the cat ate the bird and then ran away. ): it was cute though. both of them were cute. >_>

Last night I had a strange dream which I can't remember. I recall there being a red rock with little white bits inside it which people were calling penicillin. That's all I remember though. And when I woke up this morning from my alarm I thought it was Sunday because I had yesterday off, and I was pissed off because I got woken up early on a weekend. Alas such luck does not exist. Exams rage on and this weekend is going to be full of activity =__=

I need to watch Star Trek

Oh and I still haven't found a ball dress. ): and everyones going to look but I can't be bothered. Why is it so hard for me to find one that I like D: Maybe I really will end up wearing the white one that I already have... it's kinda plain though :/ mlehhhhh...

I went to the orthondontist yesterday and they closed the gap between my primary incisors on the bottom with this piece of string/rubber (idk) and the lady pulled super tight and now my teeth hurt TT; but ironically now there's going to be 2 gaps in other places because she pulled too tight. Urghhhh... surgery in August :] I ran into Katy while I was waiting for the orthodontist yesterday and she told me about her jaw surgery experience. I'm going to get to stay in hospital for 2 nights, vomit blood and get a puffy swollen face and bruising for 1-2 weeks. Yayyyy I'm looking forward to it. ): scared.

Have a nice day everyone :]


Anonymous said...

Winnie save me. I seem to be in an abusive relationship with Yr 12 physics FML. I tell it to die, and it mentally assaults my brain. Do not want ):

s2 said...


Captain Barnaby said...

Don't worry Hospital is so cool!!! I know that sounds weird but I loved hospital ahaha and I loved anaesthetic too. :) GOOD LUCK!!! Btw, ball dress shopping ish ghey!! but go buy before all the dresses are sold out!!! <3

pinkharo said...

:O IRON WOMAN!!!! hehehe
what does jaw surgery do??
I remember when I was in hospital for 3 days I was allowed to eat watever was in the fridge. Stole heaps of icecream whenever I couldnt get to sleep at nite :)