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So... I just did my chemistry assignment, and I don't think I should start watching another episode of skins because I'll just get addicted again, and I'm very bored. So I will blog about blogging/anything/how suitboy is so helpful (sarcasm) in telling me what to blog about.

BLOGGING: I blog when I am bored. Such as right now. Or, when I am feeling creative. Such as not right now. I actually have a few things I've been meaning to blog about (intelligence, weather, the chemistry of loooooveee) but never have the time to really think it through. But that's normal, eg. the post about postman pat, I had been planning that for about a month before I actually wrote it. Maybe having school just sucks out all the creativity from my life :/ sometimes I wish I had a more interesting life to blog about, but then I realised that even when interesting things happen in my life I never really blog about it. There's something nice about having the memories and only the memories, without writing to ruin anything. "Language destroyed man's ability of thought"...? :] there are some things that are just better off as pure emotions. But the thing about that is I often forget ): So... lose/lose really. I also don't see a point in blogging about something that just happened since it just happened. It's like watching a movie twice.. boring...

ANYTHING: anything goesssss~~~ show's next week. come on friday. last show is always the best ;]

SUITBOY: has given me a list of words that have been extracted from a random generator that I will blog about, since I am bored.

red ~ Red is my favourite colour colour, because many people don't accept white as a colour (even though it IS, black isn't.) Red is intense :] But tbh I don't really like wearing red, it makes me feel self conscious since for me red is like "LOOK AT ME!!". Unless it's on my shoes, because everyone knows how I love my red chucks. Oh yeah, red nails also make me think of middle aged/old women with wrinkly hands for some reason.

And he also gave me 3 sentences from a standard random sentence generator which I will create mini stories out of. Hope you enjoy =P

1) And so, the teacher politely sat on the green gardener. The gardener didn't have the heart to protest, since he was working class after all. Lower in class than a teacher! Can you imagine? He was also green because he'd had an unpleasant sandwich earlier in the day and was starting to feel its effects in his stomach. As he crumpled painfully under the huge teacher's weight, he could not help but marvel at the dark satire of the teacher's 'polite' sitting upon him. He wasn't sure if it was considered polite in any culture to sit on another person. Except maybe in the movie bruno where he sits on the mexicans, and even then it didn't look very comfortable. After what seemed like an eternity, the teacher equally politely got up from the green gardener, who was looking positively emerald by that point, and proceeded to his next class, where he could sit on a cleaner instead. After all, gardeners are hardly comfortable to sit on, what with all that hard muscle from weeding.

2) Almost daily, a monkey quietly ate the secret paper. It was secret because it was the paper that wasn't brought in by the dog to its owner; in fact, the dogs had a secret base of operations going on under the circus, where they would bring in the secret paper -- the truth paper, where nothing was censored by corrupt governments and media -- to the show monkeys, and it was through these that the monkeys consumed (literally) knowledge of the world and eventually evolved into a superior breed of human. The show monkeys were already pretty smart to begin with (well one has to be, to be chosen to become a show monkey), so the humans evolved from their knowledge consumption were nothing short of prodigies. World peace was coming; a smarter, better race of humans were set to rule the world, eradicating all the idiot humans. Unfortunately the dream was destroyed by the tsunamis of 2012 during which the circus was wiped out, since there was never any reason for show monkeys to learn to swim.

3) The cat politely ate the grumpy mirror. The mirror was obviously grumpy because it was being eaten (albeit politely) by the cat. The cat, although polite, was also quite grumpy because the mirror was hard to eat. This is a prime example of a lose-lose situation that we should try to avoid in our day to day lives. Nobody ends up happy, the mirror ends up in pieces being broken down by the hydrochloric acid in the cat's stomach and the cat probably ends up dying of a ripped oesophagus because chewed mirror shards are still pointy. The moral of the story is to never let your cat eat your mirrors. It's doubly as bad when you have a black cat, because it's like having a black cat cross your path, then dying, and breaking a mirror in the same instance. This simple sentence carries a lot of meaning for us...

Yes I know I am good at making up random stuff ):


one_entity said...
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one_entity said...

lol spelling mistake was annoying me so i deleted and wrote again

i think
you have put your finger on the reason why my blogging is so sparse these days

&& i like number 2 =D

chem buddy said...

...disturbing mental image of the cat with the glass in its oesophagus WTF ew ):

Anonymous said...

omg hahahahahahhahahahaha you crack me up winnie XD