1 year anniversary


ok so it's been 1 whollleee year since I started using this blog. 366 days omfg. can't believe I actually stuck with it for this whole time.

ugh today was so tiring. no idea even if it was fun or not. just listened to girls bitch about their friends behind their backs all day. >> so depressing. for their confidentiality I won't name names or give details but... man, girls are vicious. so, so vicious |:

pool was ok. not many people joined in. pretty sad. but it was still better than sitting at home by myself all afternoon. it takes about 1 hour to walk from my house to newmarket. so tired right now my brain can't think of anything to write about.

I had a photo of a pasta dish my grandma made to show that she can asianify everything, but my memory card is PMSing again so I can't get it onto the computer.

holidays in 2 weeks wooooot. there's gonna be nothing to do. far out sometimes I just want to go across the road to one tree hill and lie there in the sun all day and sleep. maybe I will do that one of the days in the holidays. so far haven't planned much:
13-14 tramp, 16th pool with jamie tian and ming, 20 laina's party, 28-29 bay of islands maybe. really want to try to get to know people I know but don't... know these holidays. dunno if that's gonna happen, feels real weird asking someone to go on an outing when you don't talk haha.

anyway that's all for now, nothing big's happened, more maths exam omfgness tomorrow form time, need to revise...

time to enjoy life guys (: summer's coming in 6 hours~~~~

random stuff really


gawww that's someones lunch. isnt it cute (: so asian, even making food pretty. now where have we encountered this before...? -thinks about eunji's lunch-

there was no reason for the above picture, I just thot it was cute. I'm not going to be ranting about lunch boxes etc. =p but you have admit that it's cute. If I wasn't so noob with food handling I'd try to do this haha

I had a thought today as I was passing the car selling places on great south road. when it rains and the cars get all wet... who cleans them? o.o or are they left like that..? When do they clean it? in the mornings? If it's a day like this, and they clean it tomorrow morning... and yet they know it will rain tomorrow afternoon as well, do they bother cleaning it or skip a day until they know it will be nice weather? And also, when you take vehicles out for test drives... after 1 person test drives it, the car is still new. after 2 people test drive it, the car is still new. but after a lot of people test drive it, and the car gradually racks up kms travelled, and noone buys the car... can the car still be considered as a 'new car'? or will it have to be sold labelled as 'second hand'?

yes I really think about this kind of weird stuff in my spare time LOL. sometimes it's real random things like this, and they enter my brain as I'm just travelling thru somehwere and I just think more and more about it... other times it's more serious stuff as you've probably read in prev entries but blah I haven't thought about a lot of serious things lately. Ooo a police car just drove past our house with lights flashing but no siren (completely off topic) I don't have a lot of serious stuff happening in my life at the moment. I'm enjoying the simplicity... but still aware that I have heaps of stuff to do before the end of the year.

What is this, you ask? why isn't winnie being all hormonal about a certain person etc etc? =P isn't this new lol he's the first guy I've liked who I don't think about 24/7. it's pretty good. or maybe I just don't like him at all haha... yeah I'm weird. someone told me that he thinks I'm cute/pretty this week. it's the first time hahahaha. but it felt good to get a compliment like that in any case, even tho it's from someone I don't really know (I say this but we've been going to the same chinese class for 8 years, and this is one of the first things he tells me lollll...)

What about you guys? anything interesting happening in your life? I know bernie is having trouble with 'dude' and 2 other guys or something. >>; I wish she would just forgive him. he even apologised today. mannn hell hath no fury like a bernie scorned haha

yeah... nothing else to talk about after all this. maybe I'll think of something really super special and awesomesauce and end up updating again later. doubt it.

oh yeah my 1 year blogspot.com anniversary is coming up. (: my first entry on this account was nov 30 2007. I wonder how much I've changed since then. well I'm sure I'll update on sunday, since I'm going out to play pool with lucy & yunbin and co (I organised it but... I don't even know who's coming anymore lolll)

OH. one last thing. green tea frappuccino is the best (:



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zzzzzzzzzzzzz. time to kill. Made half of 3/god knows how many pigs. still need to find stuff to stuff them with. felt is so much easier to sew than this fabric stuff I bought ><

ah my life is a mess right now. why do guys have to be so retarded ): and why am I so affected by them. farrrr out. I find it so ironic how my parents are always like 'don't date until you finish uni because you'll get distracted', but they fail to see how even if I'm not dating I still get distracted by guys. It's inevitable ok I'm a teenage girl D:

exams ended up ok except for science. sigh. need to work a lot harder next year. (I say this but it never happens... have to reinforce it so it's natural so I don't have to try, it just happens...) yeah right lol.

other than that nothing really interesting is happening in my life atm. badminton's been fun. piano's been ok... kumon has been, well, normal. speaking of which, I need to get ready for that y11 exam. feel so guilty for not doing anything about it so far lol. I think I really will fail if I don't look over everything though.

sigh maybe i'm starting to lose myself in the midst of all this business tho. xmas is here soon. I have to make 10+ pigs, 2 full sketches for steph n laina, organise duke of ed tramp, study y11 maths....

ughhhhh. and yet all I do is sit around blogging. i'm so useless.



BEST COMPARISON EVER LOL I'm surprised how well everything fits XD

erghhh mediocre days


past few days have been mediocre.

exams are...

nothing much to say. english exam = major failage ): just put down some random stuff that sounded like it might possibly be right, definitely not E standard my goal is ...down the drain T_T

sst and french tomorrow. don't ask me why I'm not studying. PARCE QUE. JE SUIS. /excuses

..blahhhh stresssss ><; I wish information would diffuse into my brain. but noooo God created the world to be difficult for winnie ): I realised tonight that I dislike meat in asian soup. I guess I already knew this but tasting it today really made it sink in. IT HAS NO TASTE. what good is meat without taste? and the texture is so dry next to the soup. ewwww meat in soup. >>;

yeah that's all the important stuff I had to say. nothing much... my brain is blocked up I'm not in the mood to do anythingggg..



my guitar arrived today (got it off trademe). it's extremely cheap and low quality, the sound quality is crap and the material feels so light. but then again it was $67 so can't really expect much.

I miss my uncle's guitar |: it was beautiful. Something like 3000rmb, yamaha. I can't upload it cuz its on my phone's memory. (not on the memory card)

siiigh. this will give me motivation to quickly become better so then I can get a better guitar.

my blog is lonely because steph and bernie are both hardcore studying for exams ): when you come back comment on ALL THE ENTRIES YOU MISSED, OK? D:

time to study.......

a nice day.. PARTYYYY.


today was a reallyyyy nice day. I overcame my extreme fear of deep water (with flippers, but still) and was pretty much on a high for the rest of the day... I even decided to walk alll the way home even though I could've taken the bus, because the weather was so nice. I got wasted at badminton and pulled a muscle but no matter it was fun and I was high, so I actually enjoyed it. I'm so tired now but... it's a happy kind of tired. For no reason I'm happy. Maybe it's really the small things that matter. Happiness is strange but I'm not going to complain...

I wanted to organise a fireworks thing for everyone but I found out that it's illegal to set them off anywhere when it's not guy fawkes and guy fawkes is this wednesday and next week is exams so we don't have time. ):

but Laina decided to throw a party for her birthday with alcohol. =P sleepover time... I don't even know why I'm so happy about this. usually I'd be against this type of thing but I really can't remember what it tastes like even though I know it tasted bad the last time I tasted it lolol I can't help but be curious about what it tastes like really (what kind of bad is it...) dw everyone there will be soft drinks =P i hope anyway. time to get hammered and then have hangover the next day. good thing it's a sleepover otherwise I think my parents will really kill me. right now the date is 19-20 december. we'll talk about it more as it comes I guess. AND. just to make me happy, she said that we'll have sparklers (: yaay kiddy fireworks~

uuuuuuuuuggghhhh. exams. why am I procrastinating study again. must be because it was such a good day that I didn't want to ruin it by studying.

...maybe tomorrow.

(winnae's willpower is so weak)



It's fun when you go back to your old days eh. (: I hope that one day I can be like these guys and have heaps of random stuff to whip out and read and laugh about. (dw steph no swearing in this vid) wongfu productions are the best |: subscribe to them. nao.

ok i had a weird dream last night again (it's becoming so common one could regard it as normal now?).

went to one tree hill to study this afternoon after art cuz house has too many distractions. I memorised my french speech which is presented on wednesday, but I cbs doing vocab and I got distracted by the playground. wow I'm such a kid. got a few weird looks when I started balancing on the rails (getting better ><)... xmas pig list getting bigger, will start after exams. thinking about getting a sewing machine for xmas this year (thinking about starting fashion design |: just see if it suits me.) im going to be y11 next year, so i figured that I should try everything so that I can make the best choices for me and my future >< style="font-style: italic;">"Graduation dinner was really good. I got a silly award for that back-scatterball throwing thingie. ---- from my lcass also got one for bumping into Mrs ----- while walking in a line. y'kno, at the end I nearly cried ... nearly ... I caught myself just in time. I saw ----'s parents, his mum, who I've never seen before (wtf did I write this it makes no sense), ---- told me his parents were divorced so I've only seen his dad before. And now he's asking if he can have my runescape account ... I'll prolly give it to him, I'm going to be in intermediate next year, don't really have enough time for this kind of thing anymore."

(names are censored in case you can't notice haha. and LOL runescape, good times.)

entry 2 - 9th dec 2004
"Hi! today we packed everything to home, and --- gave me this cool pen! (I was writing with it at the time) My swedish penpal got her letter and sent it back to me. Anyways, as we were packing, ---- gave me his stamp thing, (it was this art project we did, we used pastels and designed a stamp A3 size) that kiwi in a suit, now it's hanging in room. it's nearly as cute as he is! (OMFG DYING OF EMBARRASSMENT HERE). LOL. Tomorrow's the big assembly. I have a feeling I'm gonna get something... (psh wow winnie, real modest)

Yes, I was a tard. I'm sorry friends. I have let you down )):

entry 3 - 19th dec 2004

"This has no doubt been the worst summer this century. It has been hailing, raining, there was even a thunder and lightning storm last night. anyway, I have found a few peeps for my aisha to RP with, and they are really cool. Just wondering for the war -- should I kill my money on codestones for training or just give up the whole thing. ANDD, do you like this flashy new ink that I'm writing with, and do you approve my new handwriting? It's neater... easier to fit things in."

This entry will make no sense to anyone who didn't play neopets. And my handwriting was ugly ):

entry 4 - 19th jan 2005

"I made a quiz on quizurfriends, and ----'s like "I can't believe ---- knows most about you" (the ---- mentioned in this quote is the same guy who gave me his stamp) noone except ---- got my best friend question right... whomever is orthy enough to be called my friend is worthy enough to be called my best friend~"

I was a loser. a loserloserloserloserloserloserlsoer gah shoot me now.



entry 6 - 13th july 2006
"*yawn* just woke up.. had another weird dream with ---- in it dreamt that we were back in MRPS or something, but it was y8s as well lol. And this y3 girl argued with me, saying that a pizza's crust was made from bacteria... and I was high. Then it switched from that to me going on camp and I forgot my togs and my dad gave me $50. Started out on the bus and then we ended up walking with kings boys who were wearing st kents uniforms. and then we got lost in the forest, --- commited suicide cuz she was angry and then I woke up."

PAHAHAHA. don't even ask.

-headdesk- I just found out that karl is looking up runescape fanfics on ff.net. omfg we really haven't gotten any more mature have we.

I think that's enough for now.. errrr don't want to expose me TOO much |: maybe next time.

I know, I'll let you guys request lolol pick a random number in ur comment and ill put that entry in each blog haha.