sleepover update zzz

yup so yujie's sleepover was last night and we still got 7 hours of sleep (well, I did.) so not too bad eh. we ended up talking about stupid stuff cuz we never have anything to talk about orz.

ty for the duck (vanilla latte) and the necklace ^^

titanic is a good movie. my heart will go on is a good song. especially when played like this:
D: i hate this person like i hate electric guitar players. I'm listening to it right now and it's making me so depressed and thoughtful because of the godly way in which it's played.. like it's pulling my feelings out of my heart D: ew don't touch my heart plzzzz.


even if I feel hormonal I can't find a way to express the way I feel... i'm so inadequate. sigh I don't even have anything to be hormonal over, apart from the fact that I'm a teenager. I would be venting out my hormonal feelings on the guy I like normally, but hey guess what I don't like anyone :D woop de doo dah. It feels really strange. And I feel susceptible to start liking some random any minute. Actually it's not that I don't like anyone it's that I like more than one person, and the feelings I have for them are really miniscule and insignificant. Thus can be described as nonexistent. I really wish I had someone tho. just to annoy them, I don't even want a bf, just someone who I feel that strongly about who I can talk to.

god, I'm such a hormonal teenage girl =P


steph said...

LOL you are indeed a hormonal teenage girl :P And are you seriously naming your duck Vanilla Latte? Poorkwah?

Bernaaae. said...

It's not even browny white!!!
Lol why not name it ... Mellow?